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the-caribbean-daily-a-caribbean-destination-for-every-travel-personalityA CARIBBEAN DESTINATION FOR EVERY TRAVEL PERSONALITY

By Meagan Herrin From Caribbean Travel

If you’re looking for blue skies and warm beaches, there is a Caribbean island awaiting your arrival. Adrenaline-pumped thrill-seekers and chill beachcombers alike can find the paradise of their dreams in the Caribbean.

For the Adventurer

Puerto Rico’s diverse landscape makes for the perfect adventurer’s paradise. The island offers an astonishing variety of beaches, caves, mountains and even a small rainforest promising a myriad of outdoor activities.

For a unique and magical experience, take a twilight kayaking tour of the bioluminescent bays of Vieques or Fajardo. At night, the microscopic plankton make the waters sparkle like the starry sky overhead. The mountainous terrain of the island offers plenty of hiking opportunities. Camping in El Yunque National Forest is an option for those who want to wake up to lush foliage and fall asleep to a nighttime symphony of the coqui — a tiny tree frog known for its melodious chirp. Make sure to check out the El Yunque National Forest’s website, which features tons of helpful resources for travelers, including information on sailing and snorkeling adventures, bioluminescent kayaking tours and guidelines for camping, fishing and other rentals and lodging.


For the History Buff

Jamaica goes beyond reggae music, beautiful beaches and sprawling resorts. The island is deeply immersed in a rich history that has helped form its unique culture, which combines European, African and Caribbean influences. From beautifully wrought architecture to mystical folklore, you’ll find yourself enthralled by the stories of Jamaica’s past.

For a taste of Old World charm, head to Falmouth. Take a horse and buggy ride to discover the beautiful Georgian architecture and bask in the history of what was once one of the busiest ports in Jamaica. If haunted history is more your preference, visit Rose Hall. As one of the few surviving Great Houses (or mansions) of the island, the historical landmark is an architectural work of art. According to local legend, the White Witch, Annie Palmer, still haunts the house and its grounds centuries after her death.


For the Casual Traveler

If relaxing and keeping your options open is your priority, look no further than Bermuda. Although not quite located in the Caribbean, Bermuda’s pink-sand beaches, balmy climate, dramatic coastline and welcoming locals are what a relaxing island vacation is all about.

Many travelers head to Bermuda solely for the shopping. You can find whatever your heart desires between Clocktower Mall and the variety of surrounding local businesses. The island also offers exquisite dining options, from fresh and local seafood to international fare. And whether you prefer to lounge seaside at an all-inclusive resort like the Grotto Bay Beach Resort or to be removed from the action at a boutique hotel like the Rosedon Hotel, Bermuda’s accommodation options offer something for every personality.


Photo courtesy of the Grotto Bay Beach Resort 

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