September 24, 2020

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Photos that will make you want to visit Austria

From One World Just Go

Austria is known as the home of Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Sound of Music, Swarovski Crystal and yodeling. It also happens to be filled with an endless supply of charming villages, breathtaking views and stunning scenery around every corner, basically Austria is nature on crack. Don’t believe me? Well don’t worry because I have photographic proof, in the form of 29 photos. You’re welcome.

Kids in Costume

Nothing says cultural immersion like practicing your paparazzi skills on the local kids in their national costume. I was giddy with excitement having found my very own Vontrapp family.

Austrian kids wearing national costume Austrian men in national costume


Another reason to feel for all those gluten intolerant peeps, they’ll never get to taste the wheaty goodness of an Austrian pretzel.

Pretzel in Salzburg, Austria
Gardens on Houses

If Austria taught me anything, it was that gardens weren’t just meant for the ground, but also the walls and windowsills of every house on the block. If you don’t have much of a backyard, then be prepared for Austria to inspire a DIY garden job upon your return.

Flowers on windowsills of a house in Hallstatt, growing on a house in Hallstatt, AustriaFlowers on windowsills of a house in Hallstatt, Austria
Hallstatt, Austria

If only all gardens had a hundred people on their gardening team, well I’m sure they too could look as epic as Vienna’s Schoenbrunn Palace.

Vienna Schönbrunn Palace Privy Garden, AustriaVienna Schönbrunn Palace Gardens, Austria
Colour Coordination

Even the locals understand the importance of maintaining colour harmony and dress appropriately.

Pastel buildings along the river in Innsbruck, Austria

…and what would a colour coordinated country be if their palaces didn’t match their gardens.

Vienna Schönbrunn Palace Gardens, Austria
Sound of Music Locations

If you’re a true Sound of Music fan then you’ll recognise Salzburg’s as the location to where the children learnt the Do-Re-Mi song.

Mirabell Gardens, Salzburg AustriaLady with bike and puppy at Mirabell Gardens, Salzburg Austria

Bikes Galore

Austrian cities are very bike friendly so there’s plenty of them around, and who doesn’t like a bike strategically placed in their photo?

Pastel buildings along the river in Innsbruck, Austria Cherry blossom tree and bikes in Innsbruck, Austria
Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

Their villages are so perfect even created their own knock off. You think I’m joking but I’m actually not. Hallstatt, the village made famous by social media is perhaps the most picturesque lakeside village in the world. It leaves a lasting impression on everyone who visits, particularly the Chinese mining tycoon who decided to replicate the village on home turf, at a cost of AUD$940 million. So if is closer to you than Austria, you can check out the “made in ” village in the province of Guangdong.

Halstatt town square, Austria
Trust the Swans

Swans understand beauty, so if they chose Hallstatt to be their home, well then it’s probably really beautiful and you should probably go there.

Swan on lake at Halstatt, Austria
Town Squares

Picturesque and charming town squares are plentiful in this country, and the main square in Innsbruck just so happens to have an epic mountain backdrop.

Innsbruck town square, Austria
Hiking the Alps

If you want to feel small and insignificant in this world, stand on top of a mountain in Austria.

Innsbruck alps, Austria
Scenic Sunbaking

Austria may be land locked but you can still find a scenic spot to lounge and work on your tan, just head straight to the Alps.

Lawn chairs on the alps in Innsbruck, Austria
Pastel Rainbows on Pretty Buildings

No grey buildings welcome here!

Pastel buildings along the river in Innsbruck, Austria Pastel buildings along the river in Innsbruck, Austria View over Salzburg, AustriaSalzburg, Austria

Pink Flowers

They have many many shades of pink flowers, which is totally a legit reason to visit a country.

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