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Dershowitz: Use This to Topple Iran Regime

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By Sandy Fitzgerald From Newsmax

Rather than working to narrow the tensions between Israel and Iran, Harvard Law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz told Newsmax on Saturday that the United States and Israel have an opportunity to bring about regime change and end the violence in the Middle East.

“All we need is for the United States and Israel to get together and help bring about regime change, and topple the ayatollahs,” Dershowitz told Newsmax’s “The Count.” “The vast majority of Iranians would support us, and the vast majority of Arab countries in the region would support us.”

Iran, with its drone launches Saturday, has declared war on Israel “technically and in every sense of the word,” and can, with the help of the United States, “topple the Iranian regime,” he added.

“They can now help to destroy the Iranian nuclear arsenal,” said Dershowitz. “This is an opportunity that cannot be wasted and cannot be missed, and the world will thank the United States and Israel, the Arab world will, and the Saudis will, as well.”

Further, toppling the Iranian regime would end its satellite groups, like Hamas, the Houthis, and Hezbollah, Dershowitz said.

“It would bring about peace in the Middle East,” he maintained. “It is the biggest opportunity we’ve had in years to end the conflict.”

President Joe Biden, however, isn’t ready for that, said Dershowitz.

“He wants to narrow the war, and I think the war ought to be widened,” he said. “So many people in Iran, everybody would jump for joy if they could get rid of these tyrants who are destroying the lives of the people of Iran… destroy the Iranian regime and let the Iranian people live in peace.”

In the past, Iran was a “strong ally of the United States and Israel,” Dershowitz said, adding that its people still love America.

“It’s the leaders that want to turn it into a theocratic, miserable place, and so, they’ve given us the opportunity,” he said. “Don’t waste that opportunity.”

Dershowitz added that widening the war would not cost American lives, as Israel could do the fighting with the “logistical support of the United States.”

Meanwhile, Saturday’s attacks are not the first time Iran has attacked Israel, as it has declared war against the country since the current regime took over.

“It’s time for Israel to retaliate,” said Dershowitz. “We would see peace in the Middle East, we would see the end of Hamas, the end of Hezbollah.”

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Sandy Fitzgerald 

Sandy Fitzgerald has more than three decades in journalism and serves as a general assignment writer for Newsmax covering news, media, and politics. 

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