October 20, 2020

Debut novel about life after divorce


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After years away from Grand Cayman, first time author Janet Crisp returns to the island that inspired her debut novel. Join Janet at Books & Books on Friday, February 10 at 7pm for the Cayman Islands launch of The Heat of the Island. This free event will include an author presentation followed by a group discussion and book signing.

About the Book

An out-of-the-blue phone call from a passing acquaintance sends Julie, a divorced mother of two twenty-something sons to an exotic tropical island in the Caribbean to work and to live. What she discovers there magically transforms her life.
Living a tranquil coexistence with the native population, not only does she discover a virtual United Nations of expatriates who become her friends, but with them she travels to Cuba and Costa Rica, to London and Scotland. She rediscovers long hidden passions; for painting, creating pastel impressions of her adopted island, and for swimming, a sport she takes up in earnest in the clear azure waters. She also meets a man and falls so in love that her heart is surrendered.
Along this path of blissful contentment come the remembrances of a former, not so happy time, in which a series of tragedies after her divorce left her mired in the depths of depression. She realises that the road back into the sun has rendered her strong, capable, healthy, and happy. But can she hold onto this new life and this new man who has entered it with such a stronghold on her heart?
The Heat of the Island is now available at Books & Books.

About the Author

Born in Ohio, a graduate of Bowling Green State University with dual majors in Art and Interior Design, Janet Crisp has always possessed a commanding bend towards the creative. She has been an Interior Designer most of her adult life.
An international traveller, she lived for three years in Grand Cayman, admittedly the happiest of times for her, and thus the inspiration for her novel, The Heat of the Island. Although this is her first book, she is at work on two others, a novel entitled The Interlude’s Betrayal, and a work of nonfiction about embracing change in one’s life.
Now residing in Florida, her two grown sons are both married and she is Nana to two young grandchildren. She also gives motivational speeches on the positive aspects of embracing change in your life.
For up to date information on all Books & Books events in Grand Cayman, visit: www.booksandbooks.com

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