July 26, 2021

Dear Space Scientists & Nuclear Weapon Scientists,

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I have some doubts, can you please clear me for the sake of science.

1. As research going on now a days about solar system. Is there any planet in the solar system where human life can possible other than earth?

2. Is there any availability of space craft to shift trillions of human beings into the new invented planet? Is there also any facility to shift the trillions of plants, animals, microorganism (other living organisms) to that planet to maintain the ecological balance in that new planet?

3. I want to know that, how much the world has not polluted since millions of years, then why it has polluted since last 60 years? Is not because of science?

4. Till now medical sciences are not able to cure some diseases from cell level and people are dying. As you know nuclear radiations are creating problem at DNA level, means it transforming disease from generation to generation. Is it possible to cure them at DNA level?

5. If two pounds of uranium nuclear weapon (Little Boy) reactions are continuing till date. Is the other 2120 nuclear weapons which are tested throughout the world are not creating any radiations reactions till now?

6. As per me nuclear weapon testing and dropping (at the time of war) are same. Because both have radiations & chain reactions are going on till today. Both harm living things including human beings, directly or indirectly. Isn’t it?

7. Is it necessary to take care of atmosphere up to mesosphere layer?

8. By the help of science, is our world is trying to end its continuity or start its life? We are in which stage?

9. If war would be a solution for peace in the world, then “Lord Buddha” would be called as King Siddhartha and “Ashoka the Great” would be called as Ashoka the Destroy. Is not true?

In my view “I have nuclear weapons” is a wrong sentence to our world.

According to our religious faith, even God also wanted to live on Earth, then why we should destroy our Earth. As we all know, after millions of year struggle we reached caves house to granite house. If we will not control the present pollution of our Earth, the labour of our forefathers will destroy.

It’s a special request to the entire news channel> on the behalf of me to ask these above questions to Space Scientists & Nuclear Weapon Scientists.
It’s a special request to the all social media > kindly forward the above message to all id holders.

Thanking You,
Sanjay Kumar Patnaik,
Plot No.918/1758, Gandhi Nagar 10th Lane,
Brahmapur, Ganjam, Odisha, India, Pin-760001

CC to > United Nation, Government of World, thousands of English Newspapers/ channel.

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