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Dad of Man Who Jumped Off Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship Believes He’s Still Alive

By Eljie Lagunay From

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Nearly a week after a harrowing leap off a Royal Caribbean cruise ship, the father of the missing 20-year-old passenger clings to hope, believing his son is still alive amidst the Bahamian waters.

Francel Parker, father of the absent Levion Parker, remains steadfast in his belief, describing his son as a “master diver” and insisting his prayers will bring him back.

Despite the US Coast Guard halting its search, Francel holds onto faith and refuses to accept the worst.

Allegedly, Levion plunged from the 18-story Liberty of the Seas in a late-night incident, leaving his family and witnesses stunned.

Contrary to earlier reports of a heated argument, Francel denies any altercation with his son, painting Levion as a skilled diver and hardworking individual.

He questions how his underage son managed to access alcohol onboard, emphasizing their family’s abstinence from drinking.

Eyewitness accounts from fellow passengers shed light on the moments leading to Levion’s dramatic leap.

Bryan Sims recalls a tense exchange between father and son, culminating in Levion’s impulsive act before their eyes.

The chaos that ensued following the jump left passengers in shock, with one witness describing the scene as “frantic.”

Francel’s desperate attempts to save his son by throwing life rings off the ship highlight the anguish of a parent facing such a nightmare.

Royal Caribbean’s swift response and coordination with the Coast Guard underscore the gravity of the situation.

However, statistics reveal a grim reality of overboard incidents in the cruise industry, with hundreds of cases documented over the years.

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