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Cayman Islands Customs New Facility Officially Opened

A year after construction began, the Finance Minister, Hon. Marco Archer, snipped a ribbon to officially open a new Customs facility that houses the department’s mobile x-ray scanning truck, revenue and border protection staff.

Constructed on time, the new $1.3 million building, which is Customs’ first in 23 years, covers 3,000 sq. ft. and is located on Portland Road, next to the Port Authority’s Cargo Distribution Centre. It is home to the department’s $2.36 million mobile x-ray cargo scanning truck which has been in operation from early 2012 but previously exposed to the elements.

Planned and designed by Public Works to Customs’ specifications, the hurricane-rated structure will also provide office space for Customs officers assigned to the department’s Freight Security Initiative Section as well as the Container Processing and Inspection Unit and administrative offices. The project had PWD’s Mr. Alan Robinson as Project Manager and Mr. Dean Scott as the local contractor, Customs Collector Mr. Clifford said.

Since being commissioned, the mobile x-ray scanning truck from Smith’s Detection in France, has successfully prevented illegal firearms and other contraband from being imported as well as stopped the export of stolen goods from robberies and burglaries, he explained.

At the official opening, Minister Archer said: “This is a happy day for Customs and the CI Government and the people of the Cayman Islands. Not only will revenue collection be enhanced thanks to the new facility, but customers will get better service. I applaud the Collector of Customs and all his staff, PWD staff and the private contractor for their collective efforts in making this facility a reality.”

Lauding Customs for the on-time and on-budget completion of the project he said: “I am delighted that the department exercised diligence throughout the project so that the staff and customers can have a better experience in their dealings at Customs. I especially laud them since there have been no overruns in project cost.”

Financial Secretary and Chief Officer in the Ministry, Mr. Kenneth Jefferson, commented: “Kudos to the Collector and his hard-working staff who have ensured that a valuable tool in detection and revenue collection – the mobile scanner – will now be properly protected and housed in this new facility when it is not in use.”

Collector Clifford lauded Customs staff for their diligent efforts in timely delivery of the project but had special words for two of his senior staff. “I wish to commend Deputy Collector Jeff Jackson and Assistant Collector Philip West for their leadership and perseverance in bringing this project to completion. They worked very closely with the PWD Project Manager Mr. Alan Robinson and his team as well as the contractor Island Builders and its principal Mr. Dean Scott to make this project a reality. They have collectively and efficiently produced this purpose built facility to house our mobile scanner and our staff that will work here and I sincerely thank them for their effort”.

He added, “This new facility will prolong the life of our scanner truck which has been exposed to the elements since its acquisition. The new building will also provide state of the art offices and facilities for our valuable staff who will work here and our customers. Additionally, the building is certified to Category 5 Hurricane Standard and will be used to ensure business continuity in the event that our Headquarters and any other Customs operational centre become inoperable for any reason.”


Photo captions: Photos by Bina Mani, GIS

Photo 1: Finance and Economic Development Minister, Hon. Marco Archer is about to snip the ceremonial ribbon – with other dignitaries and officials present – to officially open the new $2.36 million Customs facility. It will house the department’s mobile x-ray scanner, which has been in use since early 2012, but exposed to the elements.


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