October 21, 2020

Creole Day Parade, Trafalgar Falls and ……


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creole2From mni alive

Creole Day Parade, Trafalgar Falls and Tia’s Spa Sights of Beauty on Dominica

“Dominica is the only island in the Caribbean that Columbus would recognise if he were to embark on his voyage of discovery a second time around.” Jenner Robinson

Arriving here in Dominica to cover the World Creole Music Festival, even before we landed, I observed the lush vegetation on the approach to Melville Hall Airport, and realised just how rainforest green the island is. Making the trip over from the airport to Roseau, my repeated comment to the driver was just how rich and overflowing the mass of vegetation all around felt! He reminded me that is why Dominica is known as the nature island. “Indeed so!” I thought

creole3There is a calming effect that consumes you I realised today as I moved about the island. It gives you this euphoric feeling, that while the outside world moves along at its rapid pace of development, even so too with many of our other Caribbean islands, Dominica maintains a unique peace and a refusal to spoil the gifts that were bestowed upon her by nature.

Today, the media representatives here to cover WCMF had the opportunity to witness the Creole Day Street Parade of colourful costumes and dance that took place in Roseau. The parade got underway from just around mid morning and concluded around the environs of Fort Young. The costumes on display showcased the folk culture of Dominica in madras, worn both by ladies and school children that also took part in the festive parade. Aside from the parade participants, many members of the public decided to attire themselves also in the madras styled fashion, and both men and women walked the streets of Roseau proud of their culture and heritage.

In addition, if your palette was leaning towards sampling some Creole food, there were many food vendors around the capital who were preparing, and ready to serve you whichever dish your appetite craved. The aromas from the various food outlets were tempting!

After the Creole Day Parade was completed, members of the media were treated to the first of several planned tours of the Nature Isle.

hotspaOur first stop was at Trafalgar Falls. After the bus, driven by our guide, Jenner Robinson, was skilfully manoeuvred up the hills towards the falls, we disembarked and hiked no more than ten minutes towards the magnificent site of the twin Trafalgar Falls. Seeing one falls was captivating enough as it was, but to see two, no more than 100 feet apart, was a uniquely beautiful experience. Hiking to the falls was also very easy, as the tourism officials here on island have taken great steps to ensure that the trail is not dangerous so as to cause undue physical exertion or bodily harm.

Our next stop from Trafalgar Falls was at Watton Waven, in the Roseau Valley, where we paid a visit to Tia’s Bamboo Cottages and Hot Spa. Tia’s Spa is nothing of the artificial type, but instead the carefully designed complex draws from the natural habitat and incorporates much of the earthly elements already present – which by the way includes an abundant source of volcanically heated water from the earth. Tia captures this naturally heated water in his self made pools where you can either enjoy a dip in a private pool house or walk down further towards the base of the complex and enjoy a communal dip in several pools, where the water temperature gives way to absolute relaxation.

Tia’s Spa and Bamboo Cottages captivated me, in that here is person that took what was already in place and did nothing alarming to damage it or over-commercialise it, but instead worked creatively to see that the environment was respected and the facility that is now marketed to locals and visitors alike is within Dominica’s pitch as a ‘getaway from it all’ type of destination.

I wanted to know whom Tia was and was introduced to him, towards which I offered him my compliments for the care and consideration that has clearly gone into the business he has established. Visiting Tia’s Hot Spa made me think, “I need to come back to Dominica, not for work, but to enjoy these amazing pleasures!”

Now, I am back at my hotel for a short break, then to attend night one of the main attraction, which is the World Creole Music Festival. Waiting eagerly to see what else the Nature Isle has to show.

View pictures of Creole Day Parade by clicking the following link: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.612733995434920.1073741831.210454938996163&type=1

View pictures of Trafalgar Falls & Tia’s Bamboo Cottages and Spa by clicking the following link: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.612740925434227.1073741832.210454938996163&type=1

Jeevan Robinson is Founder and Editor-in-Chief of MNI Alive, a global Caribbean marketing, news & information (MNI) media enterprise.

For more on this story go to: http://www.mnialive.com/caribbean/dominica/4157-creole-day-parade-trafalgar-falls-and-tia-s-spa-sights-of-beauty-on-dominica.html#sthash.31ikv3Yz.dpuf


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