December 1, 2020

Creating a beautiful Christmas centrepiece

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The arrival of the holidays brings with it the opportunity to entertain. Nothing sets the tone of a holiday gathering more than the decorating of one’s home. Candles are lit, wreaths are hung, and garland is strewn. And for the holiday table around which we gather, there is the Christmas centrepiece.

This can encompass many things: a basket of pine cones, a grouping of candles, or an arrangement of flowers or plants. The possibilities are only as limited as your imagination.

For instance, if you have your heart set on a Christmas centrepiece that focuses on fresh or dried flowers then try your hand at designing your own. Purchasing your own flowers and then arranging them in a festive vase can make a lovely Christmas centrepiece. Just be sure to keep the arrangement on the short side; you want your guests to be able to see each other and for conversation to flow smoothly.

For dried flowers, visit the local craft market and/or hardware stores. Because these flowers don’t require water, feel free to arrange them in a container that suits you, such as a basket. There are a number of organisations that have craft classes, so check these out if you feel you need a helping hand.

Around the holidays you’ll find classes in everything from wreath making to candle making.

As you welcome your family and friends into your home this holiday season, light your candles and lavish your table with the beauty of the season. Your beautiful Christmas centrepiece will put the finishing touches on your home’s holiday spirit.

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