November 25, 2020

Costa Rica Vacation Rental Company Adopts More Eco-Friendly Practices

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Costa Rica 022By Manuel Antonio

We at iNews Cayman and PRCaribbean understand the effect that deforestation is having on our climate change, thus, when hotel builders are turning their properties into an eco-friendly project, thus, adding green to its environs, the following articles added a smile to the faces of our team when we all said “yes, another eCo-Friendly hotel on the planet.”

5640-52A country that helped pioneer eco-tourism in Central America, Costa Rica lures more than two million tourists annually, thanks to its dramatic landscapes and abundance of natural wonders. More than just a beach vacation destination, Costa Rica’s ecological attractions and progressive environmental policies add to its appeal for a growing number of travelers who are seeking an eco-escape. And Escape Villas, the country’s premiere Costa Rica vacation rental operator, is proud to feature an extensive selection of eco-friendly rental homes that offer guests both comfort and style. The company is proud to announce a number of new green practices in its Manual Antonio vacation rentals.

According to an April 2012 TripAdvisor report, the green travel trend is gaining momentum among its members, with 71% of travelers planning more eco-conscious vacations in the coming year. In addition, more than 30% of the polled participants stated they would opt for a holiday destination that is considered eco-friendly. Costa Rica has been a preferred choice for “green getaways” for nearly two decades, and among its most popular attractions is Manuel Antonio – an idyllic slice of beachfront paradise on the central Pacific coast.

monteverde-cloud-forest-reserve-suspense-bridgeEvery year, nearly 200,000 tourists flock to the unspoiled beaches and lush jungles of Manuel Antonio National Park, a refuge renowned for its incredible biodiversity and stunning beaches. recently placed Manual Antonio National Park on its list of twelve most beautiful national parks in the world. The park is widely considered a model of success for sustainable eco-tourism, allowing visitors the chance to support local conservation while enjoying the area’s amazing wildlife.

With environmental preservation in mind, Escape Villas’ Manuel Antonio beach vacation rentals practice what they preach, by supporting local conservation initiatives and employing Earth-friendly practices, allowing guests the chance to go green without sacrificing luxurious amenities. Escape Villas spokesperson Sara Hopkins lists in-house recycling, solar panel heating, and energy-efficient insulation as some new features of their Manuel Antonio beach rentals.

“In addition to a weekly beach cleaning program that we developed and manage, Escape Villas recently began supporting the local Mono Titi Initiative – a Manuel Antonio nonprofit organization dedicated to the protection of endangered squirrel monkeys, “ explains Hopkins. Most of the company’s villa rentals were designed with the aim of reducing environmental impact, while still offering lavish touches.  Jacuzzi spa tubs are heated with solar energy, air conditioning is unnecessary thanks to well-planned open living areas that maximize ocean breezes, and homes utilize gray-water septic systems.

Vacationing families and couples staying in one of their beach rentals can also partake in some of the region’s most exciting adventure and nature tours, as Escape Villas has partnered with several operators that practice responsible tourism. From mangrove estuary boat tours to horseback riding expeditions, guests can explore the area’s beautiful ecosystems, knowing their tourism dollar is supporting local conservation efforts.

And of course, no trip to the area is complete without a visit to Manuel Antonio National Park, just one of 186 protected zones that are managed by the National Conservation Areas System (SINAC). With nearly 30% of the country dedicated to national parks, wildlife refuges and reserves, Costa Rica continues its pledge to protect its natural resources. Escape Villas, like many forward-thinking companies in the tourism sector, hopes to offset their carbon footprint in attempt to preserve the paradise that we love and cherish.

Hopkins also notes that the majority of Escape Villas guests who vacation in their Manuel Antonio beach rentals appreciate the empowerment they feel in protecting the environment by making greener choices in their vacation accommodations.

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