October 28, 2020

Cops urge people to have a great time, but be responsible, during Pirates Week


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Pirates 16George Town Commander Chief Inspector Angelique Howell is urging people who plan to attend the  Pirates Week festivities to act responsibly to ensure that they, and others, have a safe and enjoyable time.

“Thousands of residents and visitors  are expected to attend the Pirates Week festivities”, said CI Howell. ”We hope  that everyone has a fantastic time and that they enjoy all of the events. It’s a great time for us to showcase all that is good about the Cayman Islands. That’s why I want to take this opportunity to remind people to be responsible and to take the normal common sense approach to safety both at the events and on the roads.”

The advice from the police is as follows

Do not drink and drive – either take a taxi or have a designated driver.

Pedestrians should use pedestrian crossings, where available.

Children should be supervised by appropriate adults.

Do not leave your children in the town centre unsupervised.

Parents should know where their teenagers are, what they are doing, who they are with and when they should be expected home.

Teenagers should enjoy the events, but must not become involved in anti-social behaviour.

Liquor licensed premises must not sell alcohol to people who are underage. If they do they will be in breach of the liquor licensing laws.

Bars and clubs are being warned not to harbour underage people on the premises.

Keep your valuables safe.

Drink and act responsibly at all times.


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