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Cops issue fake cash warning

From RCIPS  Thu, Jan 30, 2014 at 3:44 PM

Officers from the RCIPS Financial Crime Unit are warning members of the public and the business community to be on their guard after a number of fake US banknotes surfaced on Grand Cayman.

The banknotes, which have been passed at various locations across the island, are 100 USD notes from the 2003 series. They display the serial numbers DD28078629B, DB28078627B and CC91191334A.

Detective Inspector Ian Lavine is urging people, and staff within business premises, to be extra vigilant when handling or receiving cash. “If you receive a forged note, or suspect one to be forged, observe and note the appearance of the person passing the note, as well as that of any companions,” he said. “ Do not return the note to the passer. Instead, first initial and date the note on the white border, then tag the note with a copy of the transaction receipt and call the police.

“If you have forged report forms issued by the Financial Crime Unit, obtain as much information as possible from the person passing the note and write it on the form. Also check for the security features of the note, which include the colour shifting ink in the number located on the lower right-hand corner of the note when it is viewed from different angles.”

The RCIPS form for reporting forged currency notes can be found on the CIMA website, under “Currency.”

If you wish to speak to an officer from the Financial Crime Unit, or find out more information, please telephone 949-8797.


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