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Controversial Uber taxi service refused a home on historic canal

uber-map-amsterdamFrom Dutch

Uber taxi service can legally be refused a tenancy on the Keizersgracht because of its controversial reputation, an Amsterdam court ruled on Friday, according to the Telegraaf.

The taxi service had brought proceedings against office owner Bryant Park, which owns many buildings in the capital, including an impressive office complex on the Keizersgracht known as 5Keizers.

Uber wanted to hire several floors in the complex, the Telegraaf reports, but the Cayman Islands-based landlord was not interested. In its defence, Bryant Park presented newspaper clippings reporting court officials paying a visit to the taxi company last year in connection with its Uberpop service, which broke rules on having licenced drivers.

The court ruled that the landlord was within its rights to refuse the tenancy. ‘Bryant Park can estimate whether Uber’s reputation matches that of the current tenant Travelbird. Given the media coverage…Bryant Park’s view is not unreasonable.’

An Uber spokeswoman told the Telegraaf it was looking elsewhere for extra office space, saying this had been just ‘one of the options’ and adding that its Uberpop service was stopped last November.

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