September 19, 2020

Consolidated Water develops 2 most energy efficient plants in world


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IMG_3313 CWCO Windsor, Blue Hills Plants, Two of the Most Energy Efficient in the World

Consolidated Water Co. Platinum Sponsor at CWWA Conference

NASSAU, N.P… (October 9, 2014)…

Consolidated Water Co. Ltd. (NASDAQ: CWCO), which develops and operates seawater desalination plants and water distribution systems in areas of the world where naturally occurring supplies of potable water are scarce or non-existent, was a recent Platinum Sponsor at the leading regional conference for the water utilities industry, The Caribbean Water and Wastewater Association Conference (CWWA), recently at Atlantis Paradise.

CWCO Board Director Senator, the Honourable Joseph Curry, Vice President of the Senate, brought remarks at the opening ceremonies where the Prime Minister the Honourable Perry Christie was the Key Note Speaker. In his address, Senator Curry shared with the local and Caribbean-based attendees the company’s ongoing commitment to the government of The Bahamas in its public-private partnership and its current research into the deployment of renewable energy.

IMG_3309The Senator reported that the Blue Hills and Windsor Plants are two of the most energy-efficient sea water desalination plants in the world with the water tariff being one of the lowest in the Caribbean.”

“And to improve our efficiencies, we are currently looking into renewable energy alternatives that will further improve efficiencies.”

Consolidated Water has been producing drinking water from sea water for over forty years and has been a partner with the government of The Bahamas and the Water and Sewerage Corporation in the supply of water since 1990

CW Bahamas reliably produces over eleven million Imperial gallons of high quality potable water per day: two million at the Windsor Plant and nine million at the Blue Hills Plant.

The senator said that $40 million has been invested by CWCO in its local company CW Bahamas, and that annually, $18 million was invested into the local economy.

“Since its public-private partnership with The Bahamas, Consolidated Water has invested $40 million in its local company CW Bahamas to provide a reliable water supply to The Bahamas. As a further commitment to The Bahamas, CW Bahamas’ continued operations results in over $18 million invested in the local economy per year, via salaries, chemicals, fuel, electricity, supplies, services, charitable donations and sponsorships. Additionally, CW Bahamas is listed on the Bahamas International Securities Exchange (BISX.)

“CW Bahamas currently employs 100% Bahamian staff and has appointed five Bahamians to the board, myself IMG_3321included, who take a vested interest to ensure that the water supply partnership benefits The Bahamas.”

Senator Curry closed by noting that several of the CWCO board members and senior executives were in attendance.

CWCO Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President, John Tonner, further explained CWCO’s energy efficiency rating.

“We are front-runners in operating diesel-driven reverse osmosis plants, which are more robust and reliable, especially in locations that can be hit by natural disasters, such as hurricanes. In the Caribbean, the cost of energy is often four times, at times even six times, higher than other locations where desalination is prevalent,” the COO said. “That’s the reason that some of the most advanced technologies to improve energy efficiency are developed not only in the Caribbean but in our plants. Our technology has been exported around the rest of the world.”

Mr. Tonner said that renewable energy is being considered and CWCO has begun implementing smaller scale energy sources in Caribbean locations

“We have implemented solar panels in one of our Cayman plants and we also rely on solar energy for a portion of the electrical lighting systems at our Blue Hills plant.          “We continue to investigate this avenue and other renewable sources in the Caribbean and we are constantly looking to be ‘greener’ and have less of an environmental impact “We are always on the lookout for what people are doing at the leading edge, and which new technologies might be applicable. This is an opportunity to share some of the technology, projects, and best practices we have developed and discovered for reduced energy consumption or otherwise.”


Consolidated Water Company (CWCO) delegates at their Booth at the Caribbean Water and Wastewater Association Conference trade show and exhibition in Nassau. Front row (l-r): George Watson Board member, Karlene Singh, Business Development Project Engineer; Senator Joe Curry, Board Director. Second row (l-r): Gerard Pereira, VP of Engineering and Technology; John Tonner COO and EVP; Ramjeet Jerrybandan, VP of Overseas Operations; Brent Brodie, VP of Sales and Marketing; Daniel Leeper, Engineer.

Platinum Sponsor: Prime Minister Hon. Perry Christie and Deputy Prime Minister Philip Davis at the Consolidated Water Company booth during the Water and Wastewater Association Conference’s Conference in Nassau. L to R:   Ramjeet Jerrybandan, VP of Overseas Operations; Gerard Pereira, VP of Engineering and Technology; John Tonner COO and Executive VP; George Watson Board member

Ramjeet Jerrybandan, VP of Overseas Operations, at Consolidated Water Company greets Prime Minister Hon. Perry Christie during the Water and Wastewater Association Conference’s Conference in Nassau


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