April 13, 2021

Complex relationship of South Korean and casinos

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It is not hidden from anyone that South Korea and Gambling has a very complex relationship. Although, there are many complications for Korean nationals to play casino games and do gambling, still they love it. South Korean is one giant Internet countries in the world and has been providing Internet to the different world countries since ages. 

So, to even think about that gambling and casinos are banned in the country sounds too odd. But, well, we can’t deny the truth. A country having major sports events like Olympics has banned gambling for their own national is just not seems possible to others. But if you are interested to checkout this complex relationship between South Korea and Casinos, keep on reading this article!

The Complete Background – South Korean Gambling

Different games like horse racing, boat racing, lotteries, and cycling, are very common in the country. That is why it is also legal to gamble on these types of games. However, casino gambling is strictly prohibited. There are big punishments that locals have to face if they get caught in casino gambling. These punishments include, a three year prison sentence. Well, it may come like shock to you that this 3 year prison is given only when they get caught doing casino gambling at a tourist casino. 

What more to is that if any citizen is found to have indulged in the gambling act outside the Korea, he has to face the prosecution on their return to the country. However, these charges are not brought through on a regular basis. They are often used in tandem with other charges to secure long-term convictions. 

Korea has 23 land-based casinos in the country. Out of these 23 land-based casinos, only the Kangwon Casino allows Koreans to gamble freely. And we will tell you the reason behind it. This is because the Kangwon Casino is pretty difficult to go to. It is situated in remotely located far north of the major cities, at the foot of a ski resort. 

The average Korean is two to three times more likely to suffer from the gambling addiction as stated by the study of the Korean Center on Gambling Problems. This is greater than any other nationality. 

It is no doubt that this governments organization findings have been questioned a lot of times. Still, they do tend to reflect the public negative attitude towards gambling. 

Will South Korea Legalize the Gambling?

Well, gambling is a lucrative business. And South Korean has banned it for only Korean nationals, as foreigners are open to gamble and play casinos anytime. Koreans are more likely to develop a gambling problem than any other nationalities. In view of country’s strict gambling laws, we will have to wait to see the future of gambling in Korea. 

But the good thing is, Korean can do gambling and play안전놀이터. Yes, you heard it right! Although, the land based casinos are totally banned for the South Korean nationals and they can face some serious issues and punishments, there are no restrictions for them on online casinos. 

There are many factors behind it. As we have discussed in the intro, South korea is a tech giant, so it becomes very difficult to take notice of all online casinos. Plus, because of the local ban in Korea, foreigner also tend to get attracted by the online casinos. They can do gambling on any of their favorite sports with the Korean locals from the comfort of their home. So, no doubt, online casinos is Korea hold a major benefit over land-based casinos. 


Even though gambling and casinos are banned in the country, a lot of individual every year get caught in the act and face major punishments. So, our suggestion is that, if you are a Korean local, online casinos are always the best option. Have fun gambling and gaming on your favorite casino!

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