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“Coco Fest”

Cayman “Coco Fest: A Celebration of Culture and Community at Pedro St. James”

 Living the sweet life at Coco Fest 2024! Guests enjoyed branded “Coco Fest” coconuts, complete with a celebratory straw. 

(Savannah, Grand Cayman, February 26, 2024) – The 9th Annual Coco Fest, held at Pedro St. James on February 17th, attracted a vibrant mix of over 650 locals and tourists, solidifying its status as a must-attend event in the Cayman Islands’ yearly lineup. This six-hour celebration showcased the community’s enthusiasm for the coconut’s cultural and culinary significance.

“We’re deeply thankful for our sponsors’ ongoing support, offering services and financial contributions that are vital for our mission. Their generosity helps us promote Caymanian products and support the preservation efforts of Pedro St. James, a cherished National Historic Site,” stated Director, Mr. Thompson.

Smiles all around as we celebrate the flavours and fellowship of our vibrant community! Pictured: Hon. Minister Bryan and Mr. Alvin McLaughlin. 

The festival featured more than 25 vendors, presenting an array of homemade treats, beauty products, artwork, and jewelry. Attendees savored traditional dishes like turtle meat, stewed conch, and fish fritters, all enriched with coconut, highlighting its role in the local cuisine.

Candace Ransome-Grant, Operations Manager at Pedro St. James, expressed her joy in hosting tourists and local residents at Coco Fest. “It’s a chance for them to immerse themselves in our culture, enjoying everything from our traditional cuisine to the unique coconut-based products and arts and crafts available for sale,” she remarked.

Capturing moments and creating memories, nothing beats the joy of a sun-kissed photo op! 

The day was filled with entertainment from the Pan N Riddim Steel Band, Radiance Dance Studio, and the Cayman Cowboy, with Kalabbra Entertainment and Preston from Hot 104.1 adding to the festivities as the event’s host.

Coco Fest fosters a community spirit by bringing together local culinary talents, artisans, and entrepreneurs, celebrating the coconut’s significance in a vibrant, engaging setting. As Pedro St. James prepares for the 10th anniversary of Coco Fest next year, the team promises an unforgettable experience, hinting that “you’d be nuts to miss it.”

The Cayman Cowboy woos the crows with sweet melodies.

For more information, please email [email protected] or call 947-3329.


The Cayman Islands National Attractions Authority (CINA) is responsible for managing the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park; the National Historic Site, Pedro St. James; the Cayman Craft Market and the Hell Geological Site. For information on the CINAA or its agencies please email [email protected], call 949-6999 or visit the website and it social media sites.

Coco Fest 2024 Sponsors:

  • Pepsi (CEL Distributors)
  • Crown Event Rentals
  • Cayman Islands National Attractions Authority
  • Vigoro Nursery
  • Custom Graphics

All photos by Wil Bignal


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