November 23, 2020

Frederick leaves Coalition to run in General Election (for UDP?)

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Frederick leaves Coalition to run in General Election  (for UDP?)

 Coalition to Keep BT Dump Free consolidates its leadershipThe Coordinating Committee of the Coalition met on February 8th to discuss plans for upcoming Coalition action against the plan to put a garbage dump in Bodden Town (BT).  “We maintain that it makes no sense for Government to move the George Town (GT) dump to an environmentally sensitive area so far from the source of most of our waste, when the problem can be fixed where it is, without contaminating a new site. Every study, up until the point that Government and Dart started promoting this harmful idea, has confirmed that the problem can be fixed at the current site in GT,” stated Coalition leader and former Minister of Environment Mr. Charles Clifford.  “Any responsible government would admit that this deal only benefits Dart Realty and the value of its Camana Bay real estate holdings, to the detriment of our country, our district, our people and our environment.”


Faced with the challenges of a general election — how best to use the campaign to defeat Dart’s dump plan; how to deal with recent political realignments, as well as the many new candidates entering the fray, the Coalition consolidated its leadership body, and Coalition chairman Mr. Alain Beiner reaffirmed the Coalition’s commitment to its original mission:  “We launched the Coalition as a single-issue, non-political community organization open to anyone opposed to moving the GT dump to BT, regardless of their political affiliation and regardless of their opinion on any other issue.  The Coalition remains independent of all political parties, and condemns past governments equally for not assuming their responsibility of properly managing the GT landfill.”

Before beginning discussion of further actions in the fight against the dump and election campaign strategy, the Coordinating Committee unanimously decided that Mr. Vincent Frederick will no longer be one of its members.  Mr. Frederick, who joined the Coalition shortly after it was established and acted as one of its spokesmen, recently informed Committee members of his intention to be a BT candidate in the upcoming elections, possibly under the banner of one of the main political parties.

“We consider this incompatible with a leadership role in the Coalition,” explained Mr. Clifford.  “Mr. Frederick insists that he remains opposed to the BT dump plan, even though he might run for the UDP, a party which has consistently promoted the deal.  As such, we hope that he’ll continue as a supporter of the Coalition and of our cause.  However, having Mr. Frederick continue on our Committee as a Coalition leader and spokesperson, is inconsistent with our commitment to protect the integrity and reputation of the Coalition, its political independence, and the confidentiality of our deliberations.”

The Coalition will update the public and the media of further actions as soon as they’re decided


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