September 28, 2020

Cayman Islands premiere’s Fat Chance, a sitcom by local playwright


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CNCF stages , a sitcom by 3-time CNCF Annual Play Writing Competition winner Donna Tull-Cox.

The Cast

Six of members of the Rundown cast – Matt Brown, Priscilla Pouchie, , Patrick Lopez, Maia Muttoo and Kevin Creary – who thrilled and entertained audiences a few months back, get together to play this hilarious comedy by top-flight playwright, Donna Tull-Cox.

Fat Chance features this superb cast of young, talented actors led by the outstanding Matt Brown who is fast becoming a leading young male stage actor in the .

The Plot

Hen-pecked Dexter is married to Coreen. Dexter snores; Coreen can’t get any sleep; Coreen hates that. Coreen’s mother, Ma, lives with the couple. Ma is inquisitive; Dexter hates that. Ma attends every funeral, whether or not she knows the dead person; Dexter “doan like” that. Ma loves to give detailed descriptions of the dead at funerals; Dexter can’t stand that either. Coreen’s best friend is vivacious Wiggie, who visits Coreen’s house very often. Dexter does not like Wiggie. Wiggie prefers to date different men rather than settle down with one man; Ma detests that and plans to do something about it. Buddy, Dexter’s best friend, is desperately in love with Wiggie. Wiggie loathes that and ignores all of his pleas. Buddy will not take ‘no’ for an answer; he ‘spies’ on Wiggie. Ma finds a new male friend and it seems that her love-flame is about to be re-kindled but she has ulterior reasons for the alliance. Ma sets up a party to introduce Wiggie to Fredrick, the man she has chosen for her. Wiggie does not want to be hitched and she and Coreen plan to surprise Fredrick, and Ma. Will Dexter stop snoring? Will Ma get her new love? Will Fredrick find the woman of his dreams? Will Wiggie give up her independence? Will Buddy get Wiggie?

unnamed-7For answers to these questions, see Fat Chance…

CNCF Artistic Director Henry Muttoo says:

“If you like a good, well constructed plot, good comedy and a slick production, see Fat Chance.”

The Playwright

Donna Tull-Cox is a Barbadian teacher/counselor, playwright, storyteller and drummer. She writes plays for both, adults and young people, and had worked in theatre for a number of years before coming to Cayman. She has won many prizes for her writing, including the CNCF National Playwriting (Senior) Competition on three occasions. Donna worked in the Cayman Islands school system for six years before returning to her native Barbados to take up a new post.

Fat Chance runs:

29th Oct. – 2nd Nov. (Wednesday-Sunday) at the Harquail Theatre.

opens at 7pm for 8pm performance (Wed. – Sat.)

Box Office opens at 5pm for 6pm performance on Sunday only.

Tickets are $25 (Adults) and $15 (Seniors & Students).


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