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CNC & CNO Explode

Cayman National Choir & Orchestra exploded in Christmas song and music at Elmslie Memorial Church on Tuesday (11) and Thursday (13).

It was their Annual FREE Christmas concert and this year it was called”All Is Calm” – an evening of festive music and carols.

Under TWO batons- Sue Horrocks (Choir) and Jonathan Taylor (Orchestra) the choir and orchestra almost lifted the roof off the old church on George Town’s waterfront.

Both performances were so packed, even with extra chairs being brought in, and some members of the audience standing, many were turned away.

There was plenty of work for the audience to do as half the program called for us to sing along with the choir and musicians. We all obeyed with great gusto.

Both choir and orchestra seemed even larger this year and this was borne out by M/s Horrocks when she confirmed this and wondered if the church could hold any more.

It will be a shame if they have to move the event to another location as it will not be the same.

I well remember one, or it may have been two times, it was held at The Catholic Church on Walkers Road and it did not have the same warm intimate ‘feel’ as it does at Elmslie.

It was a wonderful evening and thank you again all the performers for a simply wonderful event.


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