October 24, 2020

City of North Las Vegas Mayor joins Latin and Caribbean Community at Las Vegas Latin Caribbean Carnival Press Conference


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north_las_vegas_mayor1_t580From Houston Style Magazine

Las Vegas, NV_10/5/2016 Members of the Las Vegas Valley’s growing Latin, Caribbean and West Indian community were joined by North Las Vegas City Mayor, John Lee, on Monday October 3 2016 at a press conference at North Las Vegas City Hall to announce the launch of the upcoming community, family and cultural event known as the Las Vegas Latin Caribbean Carnival to be held on 30, 2016 at Silver Nugget Casino in North Las Vegas.

“We are very proud of our Latin, Caribbean heritage here in North Las Vegas and looking forward to allowing you to see these beautiful costumes, wonderful people and specially the great food that Caribbean people know how to make”, said North Las Vegas John Lee as he was joined by local community residents wearing Carnival costumes providing sneak peak of the festivities on Sunday October 30 in North Las Vegas

This is the first time a Latin Carnival is being held in the city as residents from Belize, Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Venezuela, Central American Caribbean Coast, Mexico, St. Kitts and Nevis, Barbados, Bahamas, Puerto Rico, , Ecuador, Dominica, St. Vincent’s and The Grenadines will be gathering to celebrate their culture and heritage with food, live musical performances, arts, crafts and children activities.

“This is an opportunity to showcase the essence of one of the hidden treasures of North Las Vegas in and Caribbean exquisite cuisine, music and arts”, said Las Vegas Latin Caribbean Festival Inc. Founder Cindy Leonie Blackshire. “Not only will we be celebrating our culture but also preserving it to the next generation as we embark in a cultural renaissance in the city.

North Las Vegas joins cities like New York, Miami, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Chicago, Boston, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Seattle and Port of Spain to name a few in hosting Carnivals.

For more information about Las Vegas Latin Caribbean Carnival, log on www.lvcaribfest.com

IMAGE: North Las Vegas City Mayor, John Lee

For more on this story go to: http://stylemagazine.com/news/2016/oct/07/city-north-las-vegas-mayor-joins-latin-and-caribbe/

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