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CIFEC students gain valuable experience at Intertrust

Intertrust_CIFEC StudentsGeorge Town, Grand Cayman, 23 April 2014:

During the 2013-2014 school year, Intertrust Corporate Services (Cayman) Limited welcomed eight students from the Cayman Islands Further Education Centre (“CIFEC”) to join their team in various roles as a part of the school’s work experience programme. “It has been a pleasure working with CIFEC’s bright, young talent over the course of their work experience. All of the students were keen to learn and gave the assignments 100% effort. We will certainly continue our partnership with CIFEC in the coming years as it provides these young people with a unique opportunity to gain valuable work experience,” remarked Ahisha Bodden, HR Director, Americas.

CIFEC encourages the collaboration of students, their families, employers and the community as a means to cultivate attending students’ academically and better prepare them for the workforce.

Shamar Hydes, who assisted in the company’s Operations Department commented on his new skills learned, noting the importance of “being flexible.” He went on to add that the experience he gained at Intertrust would be helpful to him in the future as he feels better prepared to “handle situations as they arise by identifying the key issues and working out a solution.”

Other students assisted in departments such as Corporate Services, HR, IT, Liquidations and Finance. Deshawn Seymour, who helped out in Corporate Services added that through his time at Intertrust he feels “more confident working in a team” and “like a better leader.”

Ahisha Bodden went on to add, “Now at the end of their internships, we thank the students for their hard work and dedication, and wish them the best in their further education and career endeavors.”

Intertrust provides high quality trust and corporate services to multinational corporations, financial institutions, alternative investment funds and entrepreneurs all over the world.

Photo Caption: Emilita Clifford, HR Manager and Ahisha Bodden, HR Director, Americas with CIFEC students, Jose Vazquez, Christy Brown, Dashawn Seymour, Shamar Hydes, Jamie Montero, Jevin Ebanks, and Rah’shawn Gardner.



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