September 18, 2020

China furious with US on growing travel ban


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BSandy Fitzgerald From Newsmax

Travelers arrive at Los Angeles International Airport  wearing medical masks for protection against the novel coronavirus outbreak. (David McNew/Getty Images)

Chinese government officials are angry with the United States over its growing travel ban in the wake of the growing coronavirus outbreak, pointing out that the World Health Organization has said stringent restrictions are not necessary. 

“A certain country has turned a blind eye to WHO recommendations and imposed sweeping travel restrictions against China,” Hua Chunying, the Chinese Foreign Ministry’s spokesman, tweeted on Saturday, reports The Washington Post. “This kind of overreaction could only make things even worse. It’s not the right way to deal with the pandemic.”

Further, Hua said that “certain U.S. officials’ words and actions are neither factual nor appropriate.”

While not mentioning names, Hua’s comments appeared to be a reference to Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, who said last week that the disease will help “accelerate” the return of jobs to the United States. 

Hua complained that such “unfriendly U.S. comments” were “certainly not a gesture of goodwill” toward China as the death toll from the virus continues to grow. 

The WHO warned Sunday that the coronavirus is also creating rumors and myths, making it “hard for people to find trustworthy sources and reliable guidance when they need it.”

As of 5 p.m. Sunday, the United States enacted strict travel restrictions on people coming in from China. There has also been confusion over where Chinese travelers would be screened or housed as the enter the country.

According to the restrictions, after the White House declared a “public health emergency,” non-U.S. citizens who recently visited China are banned from entering hte United States. In addition, the administration said that any Americans who had visited the Hubei province in China, where the disease originated, in the past 14 days will be quarantined, and screening and self-quarantines will be required for any Americans visiting other parts of China. 

On Monday, China’s National Health Commission reported 17,205 confirmed cases of coronavirus infection on the mainland, plus 15 in Hong Kong and eight in Macao, and the WHO reported 146 confirmed cases in 23 countries outside China. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Sunday confirmed an additional case in California.

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