July 24, 2021

Children at Pocahontas

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I went to see ‘Pocahontas’ the other night,
I sat alone and enjoyed the sight
Of beautiful children with their Dads and Mommies
All carrying drinks, and popcorn and candies.

So happy they all were to be getting out
They had a little time to laugh and share and shout.
You should’ve heard them talking and wondering if there were enough seats
So they could all sit together and share each other’s treats.

You should’ve seen their faces, all with a happy smile,
Beautiful smiling faces on each and every child.
The expressions on their faces tickled me, for sure I know,
And I enjoyed watching them much more than I did the show.

Until the lights went out and a hush fell on us
The kids cheered, the movie had started and there was Pocahontas
With lips so red, and hair so black and long
She had the voice of a lark when she sang her song.

The kids immediately loved her and quickly settled down,
They were so interested they never made a sound.
Then ashore came John Smith, the handsome buccaneer
He stole her heart and held her near.

And while they stood embracing each other
A little girl next to me said to her mother,
“They’re falling in love aren’t they, and they’re going to kiss,
And her lipstick will get smudged and she’ll look a mess?

I hope they will marry, do you think they will, Mommy?”
“I don’t know, darling, let’s wait and see, honey.”
I tell you, folks, I heard some cute comments,
And I certainly got my $’s worth of entertainment.

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