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CGF VP issues statement

Message on the Occasion of CANOC Week
by Regional Vice President of the Commonwealth Games Federation
Mrs Fortuna Belrose

On this occasion of the celebration of Caribbean Associations of National Olympic Committees (CANOC) Week, I salute all players in the sports movement. More specifically, the organisations that remain committed to the core values of leadership, excellence, respect, and tranquility which pervades our Caribbean communities.

CANOC was established in recognition of the values of sport. More importantly, the need to ensure the preservation, sustenance, coordination and development of structures, systems, and processes that facilitates the emergence of the best performers for global recognition of the Caribbean. Additionally, CANOC has also created a formal network for the sharing and transfer of knowledge around sport, health and education. Through CANOC there is the consistent deepening of the integration of the people and culture of the Caribbean.

The enduring success of the CARIFTA Games established in 1972 under the leadership of Sir Austin Sealy has been a proud legacy of leadership and organization of sport in the Caribbean. And while the organization CANOC was non-existent at that time, it was visionary leadership that created a model for sport competitions which today remains a blueprint for the rest of the world. CANOC must therefore remain focused on its mission and work on finding that solution for a unique multi sport Games that will become its legacy.

On behalf of the region, I express gratitude to founding President of CANOC, Mr. Steve Stoute of Barbados, who retired in 2016 after many years of unbroken service. His leadership brought a significant measure of stability and enhanced relations amongst member organizations. Our region owes a depth of gratitude to him for his stewardship. The challenge for new enthusiastic President Brian Lewis of Trinidad and Tobago, is to lead at a time when much synergy and competing priorities abound.

In the next few weeks the Commonwealth Games will be staged in the Gold Coast Australia. Through the efforts of CANOC our region will be able to witness these Games and celebrate the successes of athletes and the organisations that support them from across the Commonwealth.
We therefore thank CANOC for its work and trust that the commitment, discipline, perseverance and passion that drives success will continue to fuel the CANOC fraternity and its leadership for many generations to come. Vive la CANOC!!!!

Senator Fortuna Belrose
Regional Vice President (Caribbean)
Commonwealth Games Federation


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