September 25, 2020

Central Caribbean Marine Institute celebrates its 20th birthday


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By Sam Helmy From Deeper Blue

Photo credit: CCMI Facebook page

Located on , the Central Caribbean Marine Institute is celebrating its 20th birthday.

The organization is a luminary in education, conservation, and marine research, and dedicates a lot of its efforts to increase our understanding of coral reefs.

The Institute has seen its success grow, especially at its local field station on the north coast of Little Cayman. Over the years it has hosted thousands of students and 150 scientists. The has conducted cutting edge research into how we can get corals to reestablish, and what humans can do to help damaged reefs repair themselves.

The CCMI’s latest project is an aggressive ramping up of their work to bring awareness to the plight of our planet. The work of the CCMI is vitally important at this time, with the latest report announcing that 70% of the planet’s reefs are threatened.

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