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Celebration of international culture

Members of the Church of God Chapel Children’s Choir and their families from around 15 different countries crowded into the Family Life Centre, George Town for an International Extravaganza. They were raising funds for their forthcoming musical, The Great Christmas Give-away.  Each country had its own booth to show off their culture, national costume and food. The celebrations included performances of l songs, dances and poems from each country.

The Family Life Centre off Walkers Road was filled with the colours, songs, dances, and food from the many different countries, during the Church of God Chapel Children’s Choir International Extravaganza on Sunday.

The event began with a special international church service in the chapel. There was a parade of flags, with the Cayman Islands flag and the Union Jack being carried aloft by the Cayman Islands Cadets Corps, followed by choir members carrying flags from each of the nations they represented. Among the scripture readings and hymns, representatives from each country were invited to read some fun and interesting facts about their nation.

In the afternoon, the Family Life Centre was filled as the representatives of Malaysia, the Philippines, England Nicaragua, Cuba, the Cayman Islands, Jamaica, Columbia, India, Brazil, and the USA proudly showed off their national costumes, flags, and their cuisine.

The event in the Family Life Centre began with an international “fashion show,” where each of the children displayed their countries’ national costume.

“We have so many different nationalities in the children’s choir and because of that we decided to do an International Extravaganza where all the different nationalities were showcased,” said Carol Mascarenhas, Children’s Choir Director Church of God Chapel.

“The International Extravaganza was to raise funds for The Great Christmas Give Away that we’re showing on the fourth, 18th and 25th of December.

“Its it’s a musical, so there’ll be drama skits as well as singing. It’s all about children sharing with others, and learning that its better to give than to receive,” she said.

“So far its close to about 6,000 dollars, but I expect the final total will be more than that,” she added.

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