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Celebrating Success at the 55th Cayman Islands Agriculture Show!

Bodden Town, Grand Cayman – 15th February 2024.

The Honourable Johany ”Jay” Ebanks, Minister of Agriculture (PAHITD), wishes to extend his deepest gratitude to everyone who played a part in the outstanding success of the 55th Cayman Islands Agriculture Show. This event showcased the resilience, innovation, and spirit of our remarkable agricultural community, drawing support from both local and international guests.

“In reflecting on the day’s success, I am reminded of the power of community and collaboration. This year’s Agriculture Show was not just a celebration of our achievements but also a reaffirmation of our commitment to securing a sustainable and food-secure future for the Cayman Islands.  Food Security really is Everyone’s Business.” said Minister Ebanks.

Special appreciation is extended to the Cayman Islands Agricultural Society for orchestrating such a magnificent event, and to the dignitaries from Montserrat, the Bahamas, and Jamaica for their esteemed presence. A special thank you to Her Excellency the Governor, Jane Owen for officially ringing the bell, opening her first Agriculture Show, marking a historic moment of leadership and support for our agricultural community.

Our gratitude also goes to the Honourable Premier, Julianna O’Connor-Connolly who, alongside me, had the honour of officially opening the new Poultry Innovation & Education Centre and to all the Ministers and Members of Parliament, whose participation has been instrumental in highlighting the collective support for our agriculture.

We also celebrate the entire Department of Agriculture with their incredibly talented and dedicated staff. Their commitment is crucial to our success and exemplifies the spirit of cooperation that defines our agricultural community.

As the Minister of Agriculture, witnessing the tremendous backing our agriculture community received fills me with pride. This year’s show not only celebrated our current achievements but also set the stage for future advancements in food security. We have made significant strides since our last Agriculture Show, including:

The importation of red poll cattle for local breeding programs,

 *   The establishment of a cattle breeding centre in Cayman Brac,
 *   The enactment of the Plant Protection Act (2023),
 *   The progressive implementation of the East End Agro Park Pilot Project,
 *   The launch of the Farmers’ Identification and Registration Programme (FIRP),
 *   The distribution of Flex Farms hydroponics systems to schools
 *   The support for the National School Gardening Programme
 *   The development of the Poultry Standards Layer Operations
 *   Completion of the Poultry Innovation and Education Centre

These milestones reflect our collective efforts towards a more sustainable and secure food system. As we continue to advance our Cayman Islands Nutrition Food Security Policy, expect to see even more impactful initiatives.

Thank you to the 7,000 plus who joined us in celebrating and supporting the pillars of our agricultural sector. Your contribution is instrumental in our journey towards a food-secure nation.

Here’s to building a stronger, self-sufficient future for the Cayman Islands!

 *   End of Release –

About the Ministry of Planning, Agriculture, Housing, Infrastructure, Transport & Development (PAHITD):
Under the guidance of Honourable Minister Johany ”Jay” Ebanks, The Ministry of PAHITD is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life and economic prosperity of the Cayman Islands through comprehensive planning, sustainable agriculture, efficient housing solutions, and critical infrastructure and transport development. Our mission is to create a resilient and thriving future for all of the Cayman Islands residents and visitors.


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