November 28, 2020

Celebrating Proud Young Moms

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165592_186471218033005_1781356_aEven with books in one arm and a baby in the other, young moms of the Young Parent Services (YPS) Programme have proven that they have what it takes to enhance their parenting skills and prepare for the world of work, all at the same time.

At a graduation ceremony in January, seven young women successfully completed the Young Parent Services (YPS) programme. The graduates received certificates and gifts upon completion.

Facilitated by Family Resource Centre (FRC), the programme provides the tools to acquire positive parenting skills, including helping young parents understand better who they are as individuals and make positive changes toward who they want to be. As well as the ability to provide the proper care needed to raise a young family, participants also gain employment skills.

“It has been wonderful to see these young mothers blossom and make a commitment toward becoming better parents and employees,” FRC Programme Coordinator Miriam Foster says.

Throughout the course, individuals also receive psychological and emotional support from programme facilitators and counsellors. The programme also addresses potential risk for child abuse and neglect. In addition the Health Services Authority (HSA), Department of Children & Family Services and other community partners provide other psycho-educational components. Once certain criteria are achieved, clients become eligible for work experience.

During the ceremony, each FRC facilitator shared positive words about their client and proudly presented the certificates alongside Chief Officer of Community Affairs, Gender & Housing, Ms. Dorine Whittaker.

Realizing the importance of acquiring both theoretical and practical skills, Minister responsible for Community Affairs, Hon. Dwayne Seymour comments, “These fundamentals are crucial for any society and will help motivate our young people to become productive citizens.”

Minister Seymour also expressed his appreciation to all companies who have sponsored the programme and opened their doors to train these young women, such as Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman, Red Sail & Cayman Airways.

Hedge Fund Cares was the corporate sponsor for the graduation. Grand Old House also provided accommodation and hospitality.

“We are so grateful that Cayman Hedge Fund Cares was able to provide the celebratory meal for our graduates and guests,” remarks Ms Foster.

She added, “It made the girls feel truly special and helped commemorate this important step in changing their lives.”

To become a sponsor of any of the programmes and services offered at FRC, companies are encouraged to contact Miriam Foster at 949-0006 or email [email protected]


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