February 27, 2021

CBD 101- How to have a great experience as a first-timer

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The popularity of CBD is surging, and you may want to try it right now. It offers a range of benefits, ranging from pain relief to anxiety alleviation and better sleep. You can easily integrate it into your daily wellness plan because it is safe and effective. Despite the medical research and user claims that validate the efficacy of CBD, you may still have some doubts and apprehensions as a beginner. But it is possible to have a great experience with it right from the outset if you follow some simple tips and guidelines. Let us share them with you.

Know your options

As a first-timer, you will probably know only CBD oils and tinctures as the methods of consumption. While these are the most popular variants, there is much more you can try. Edibles emerge as favorites for users who want to relish the experience with delicious goodies like cakes, cookies, brownies, chocolates, gummies, and candies. You may use CBD vape oil for inhalation. There are plenty of topical options like creams, balms, and lotions if you do not want to inhale, ingest, or eat. The choice boils down to personal preference.

Buy quality products from a reputed store

After deciding the consumption method that works for you, the next step would be to buy your product. Always prioritize quality products, even if you need to spend a tad more. You can check palm organix cbd stores near your location and order the products of choice to get started. Quality ensures great experiences, with excellent outcomes and safety for the new users. Picking from a credible seller gives you confidence even when you cannot understand the terminology on product labels.

Find the right dosage

While quality products are a good way to start, you need to be conscious about the right dosage as well. It isn’t easy to find the right dosage, but you can follow the instructions on the labels for some help. Talking to a seasoned user or budtender is also a good idea to get guidance about a starter’s optimal dosage. The best piece of advice is to take things easy, starting with low doses and gradually increasing till you find a comfort level. You may also consider talking to your doctor if you plan to use CBD as a therapeutic aid for a medical condition.

Not everyone’s experience is the same

Although seeking inputs from a seasoned user can give you a good start with CBD, you cannot expect to have the same experience. You may feel differently, and the same dosage may not work for you because your DNA and internal chemistry are unique. Your body will process the compound differently. When you take CBD for the first time, go with an open mind and avoid having preconceived notions about how you will feel after the first session.

A typical CBD experience will not get you high as long as your product does not have THC. Just relax and let the product work, and you will surely have a good time

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