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Cayman’s ICO overturns Governor’s office decision to withhold “Tempura” records

Acting Information Commissioner, Jan Liebaers, in a written decision on 10th July has overturned “the decision of the Governor’s Office to withhold the requested records by virtue of section20(1)(d)of the Freedom of Information Law 2007,and require  the Governor’s Office to disclose the records no later than 45 days from the date of this decision, except in regard to the single segment on page 13 of the Complaint, (consisting of the third bullet point on page13, after the phrase“…and his room”and before the next paragraph starting with “There is also…”), to which the exemption does apply, and which consequently does not have to be disclosed.

“Under section 47 of the Freedom of Information Law, 2007, the Governor’s Office may, within 45 days of the date of this Decision, appeal to the Grand Court by way of a judicial review of this Decision.

“If a judicial review is sought, I ask that a copy of the application be sent to the Information Commissioner’s Office immediately upon submission to the Court. If judicial review has not been sought on or before 25 August 2014, and should the Governor’s Office fail to disclose the responsive records in this matter, I may certify in writing to the Grand Court the failure to comply with this Decision and the Court may consider such failure under the rules relating to contempt of court.”

See iNews Cayman Monday  (14) for full report.



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