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Caymanian Students join OfReg team for six-week summer intern programme

Summer interns with members of the OfReg Fuels Team at an onsite inspection visit.

Three lucky and very excited Caymanian students joined the team at OfReg last month at the start of a six-week summer intern programme. Following a ‘Meet & Greet’ open day at the OfReg offices in July, the three students were selected for the opportunity to learn and work in the regulatory market.

The programme offers interns the opportunity to work alongside the team at OfReg and participate in and contribute to, projects of significance to Cayman’s critical national utility infrastructure. 

This year’s interns are:

  • Rueben Moore, who attends UCCI, has a background in automotive mechanics and is looking to broaden his interests into the Fuels Regulatory Sector which he finds very interesting and exciting.
  • Latoya Frazer also attends UCCI and is majoring in Social Sciences and has in the past completed internships with some of Cayman’s top law firms. She would like to diversify and broaden her interests and challenge herself. 
  • Rohae Burrell is pursuing a career in Economics. She has been accepted into British Columbia University – Vancouver Campus to start in the fall 2022. As part of her scholarship requirements, this internship will help her pursuit of a career in Economics.

The interns initially supported the Fuels Sector team in providing input for planning applications, assisting in inspections, and helping conduct desktop and field reviews. They will also have the opportunity to learn about the economics aspect of regulation and rotate through the Finance department, Admin department, the Energy & Water Sector team and the ICT team over the six-week period.

OfReg CEO, Mr. Peter Gough said of the summer intern programme, “Part of our role as the regulator to protect the long-term critical national utility infrastructure is to make sure we plan successfully for the future.

That means we must not only invest in the physical infrastructure but also in our people, and in particular, our young people. The summer intern programme at OfReg offers Caymanian students the valuable opportunity to learn and understand what we do and why, but also provides them insights into what their future careers could be and what they need to achieve them.”


The Utility Regulation and Competition Office (‘OfReg’ or the ‘Office’) is the independent regulator established by section 4 of the Utility Regulation and Competition Act (as revised) (the ‘URC Act’) for the electricity, information, and communications technology, water, wastewater, and fuel sectors in the Cayman Islands.

OfReg provides the opportunity for consistency and collaboration in regulation across the energy, fuel, ICT, and water sectors; better utilisation of skills and resources resulting in more efficient and effective regulatory processes; encouraging competition where appropriate and feasible; championing sustainability and innovation across markets, contributing to the economic and social goals of the Cayman Islands.


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