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Cayman: Voter Registration Drive Underway

February 24, 2023      

The Elections Office is conducting a voter registration drive to give qualified electors the opportunity to participate in the anticipated Referendum on Gambling and Small Quantities of Cannabis. While the motion approving the Referendum passed on 7 December 2022, an official date is still to be determined.

In 2021, the Economics and Statistics Office estimated that there were some 27,423 Caymanians over the age of 20, leaving an estimated 3,927 eligible persons off the current Register of Electors, which includes 23,496 persons. The deadline to register is Saturday 1 April 2023. Voter registration applications received by 1 April 2023 will be vetted and processed by the Registering Officers for inclusion in the 1 July 2023 Official Register of Electors.

Supervisor of Elections Wesley Howell said, “Our aim, as always, is to make registration as effortless as possible for those wishing to vote while maintaining the highest accuracy and confidence in the process. To facilitate a smooth and easy process and avoid additional follow-up appointments, we ask persons looking to register at supermarket locations to bring copies of all the required identification documents with them when registering. The Elections Office staff is also ready to assist individuals registering to vote at our convenient locations.”

Persons wishing to register should present the following documents based on their Caymanian status:


1)    Birth Certificate

2)    Caymanian Status Certificate /Letter

3)    Photo ID: Passport or Driver’s License


1)    Birth Certificate of the applicant, if born in the Islands, and

2)    Birth Certificate of one of his parents or grandparents that was born in the Islands

3)    Photo ID: Passport or Driver’s License


1)    Birth Certificate of the applicant

2)    Acknowledgement letter from WORC/Immigration

3)    Photo ID: Passport or Driver’s License

Individuals wishing to register to vote can contact their Registering Officer, visit the Elections Office at 68 Baytown Office Suites, West Bay Road, George Town, visit or call 949-8047.

In addition, staff members will be available to register individuals on weekdays and weekends at the following supermarket locations.

Hurley’s – Grand Harbour  

·         Saturday, 25 February – 9 am to 1pm

·         Wednesday, 8 March – 4:30 pm to 7:30pm

·         Saturday, 18 March – 9:30am to 12:30pm

·         Wednesday, 22 March – 4:30pm to 7:30pm

Foster’s – Countryside

·         Thursday, 9 March – 4pm to 7pm

·         Saturday, 11 March – 9am to 2pm

·         Thursday, 23 March – 4pm to 7pm

·         Thursday, 30 March – 4pm to 7pm

Foster’s – Airport

·         Thursday, 9 March – 4pm to 7pm

·         Saturday, 11 March – 10am to 1pm

·         Thursday, 23 March – 4pm to 7pm

·         Thursday, 30 March – 4pm to 7pm

Foster’s – Camana Bay

·         Saturday, 25 February – 10am to 2pm

·         Wednesday, 1 March – 4pm to 7pm

·         Wednesday, 15 March – 4pm to 7pm

·         Wednesday, 29 March – 4pm to 7pm

Foster’s – Republix

·         Saturday, 4 March – 9:30am to 1pm

·         Wednesday, 15 March – 4:30pm to 7:30pm

·         Saturday, 25 March – 9:30am to 1pm

The Elections Office will be open on select Saturdays:

·         Saturday, 11, 18 and 25th March – 10am to 4pm

·         Saturday, 1 April – 10am to 4pm


Editor’s Note:

Contact details for each district’s Registering Officer are provided below.

•      Bethany Powery – [email protected] – 516-4402 (West Bay North, West Bay South, West Bay West, West Bay Central)

•      Kathryn Myles [email protected] – 516-2117 (George Town North, George Central, George Town West, George Town East, George Town South, Red Bay, Prospect)

•      Kerry Nixon [email protected] – 516-4478 (Savannah, Newlands, Bodden Town West, Bodden Town East)

•      Leisa Welcome [email protected] – 516-4647 (East End)

•      Patricia Ebanks [email protected] – 516-4349 (North Side)

•      Ellen Lazzari [email protected] – 516-5307 (Cayman Brac East, Cayman Brac West)


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