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Cayman: Tourism Numbers Dwindling

From The Pogressives

Screenshot. To view video click HERE

The current state of the Cayman Islands’ tourism industry is extremely worrying. For months, we’ve been highlighting the inaction and complacency by successive PACT/UPM Premiers and the Minister of Tourism. 

Despite previous assurances of a full recovery by year-end, recent figures show that once again there is a significant shortfall in both stayover and cruise visitor numbers for 2023 compared to 2019. Meanwhile our competitors have returned or surpassed pre-pandemic arrivals. We are being left behind. 

It’s time for innovative strategies and collaborative efforts to rejuvenate tourism, focus on sustainable tourist products and ensure the industry’s future prosperity. 

Caymanian tourism workers and businesses need to get back to a full recovery, not get mere promises from the Tourism Minister.  

We need action and not talk.

– Hon Roy McTaggart, Leader of the Opposition


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