December 10, 2023

Cayman: Three migrants repatriated to Cuba

The Mosquito Research & Control Unit (MRCU) would like to advise the public that it expects a significant increase in mosquito numbers by the end of this week.

While the Unit has only recently concluded their annual Pre-Hatch Treatment this past May, a large emergence of mosquitoes is still expected over the coming days.

The team at the MRCU was able to treat 8,900 acres with larvicide in advance of the onset of the rainy season,” explains MRCU Director, Dr. Alan Wheeler. “We were also able to treat a further 5,950 acres once the rain started, making this the largest pre-season larvicide treatment ever conducted by the MRCU,” Dr. Wheeler added. 

“Despite these intensive control efforts, and in light of the rain that we have been experiencing, we are expecting that adult mosquitoes will be emerging over the coming days. Although biting rates are expected to be high, we are confident that our team here at the MRCU will be able to bring the mosquito numbers down to normal levels before the end of next week,” he concluded. 

For more information or to file a mosquito related complaint, contact the MRCU on 949-2557

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