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Cayman: The RCIPS Announces the Launch of the Strategic Policing Plan 2024 – 2026


Following his appointment as Commissioner of Police and Chief Officer for the portfolio of the Office of the Commissioner of Police, Commissioner Kurt Walton set off to gather the information he needed to create a policing plan that best suited the organisation.

He did so by first having an internal audit of the organisation, a procedure that he considered to be a health check to highlight areas that are working well and others that need improvement. Following this, he hosted an all-staff meeting where he presented his ideas for the future to his staff and requested their feedback. The third step was an east-to-west hosting of district meetings, starting in Cayman Brac and concluding in George Town. The final step was a meeting with the Senior Leadership Team and other key stakeholders to brainstorm and put forward ideas from their respective portfolios.

From the combination of these things, the Strategic Policing Plan 2024 – 2026 was developed and encompasses our guiding principles, policing priorities, and strategic delivery model. The strategic plan will guide us, as we go about the business of accomplishing our goal of ‘Making the Cayman Islands Safer’, our mission of working with our communities, for our communities, using a policing style that is caring, collaborative and accountable as well as instilling our values of respect, courtesy, integrity, professionalism, and service.

Despite some changes and deviations from the previous plan, the safety of the Cayman Islands remains the paramount concern for the police, and all the priorities that have been set work towards this goal.

To read the policing plan click HERE


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