June 12, 2021

Cayman: The Ombudsman issues Hearing Decision 72 involving the Ministry of Commerce, Planning and Investment

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The Office of Ombudsman says two applicants made a request under the Freedom of Information Law (2018 Revision) for an agreement between the Ministry of Commerce, Planning and Investment and Tech City, a private company. 

The Ministry disclosed most of the agreement, but the redactions of some parts were disputed by the applicants. 

The Ombudsman reviewed the matter and found that certain parts of the agreement were properly exempted under section 21 because they contained information with a commercial value, or information concerning the commercial interests of a person, the value of which would be destroyed or diminished if disclosed. 

The Ombudsman found that sections 17(b)(i) and 20(1)(d) were not engaged and required that the Ministry disclose the remainder of the agreement.

The decision can be found at www.ombudsman.ky/decisions.  

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