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Cayman: Tertiary Institutions offer alternatives for acceptance amid CXC results delay

From Department of Education Services

The Caribbean Examination Council’s (CXC) release of examination results may impact students beginning tertiary or A-level studies in the academic year 2022-23.

To mitigate this risk, the following decisions have been taken after consultations with the tertiary institutions in the Cayman Islands:

a)    Tertiary institutions have agreed to accept students into their respective programmes based on the recommendations of schools which were approved by the Department of Education Services.

b)    Students will pursue Associate/A-Level programmes of their choosing based on the predicted grades and teacher assessed grades.

c)    Students will start their local tertiary programme on the prescribed start dates as determined by the institutions:

  • A-Level institutions: 1 September, 2022
    • A-Level institutions would have notified students of their acceptance
  • UCCI:  29 August, 2022

d)    Students pursuing A-Level or Year 12 programmes overseas should:

  • Submit Dual Entry (DE) forms along with the acceptance letter to the Director of Education Services ([email protected]; and copy [email protected]) for approval prior to commencement.
  • Submit termly attendance and grades from overseas institutions to the Cayman Islands Further Education Centre (CIFEC) during the 2022 – 2023 academic year to [email protected];

Process for Dual Entry (DE) Students matriculating to the University College of the Cayman Islands (UCCI) and A-Level Institutions:

Clifton Hunter High School (CHHS) & John Gray High School (JGHS) – Dual Entry Application:

  • DE student list confirmed with DES.
  • Email notification sent to parents/students by the respective school for students who were confirmed for UCCI/A-Level Institutions on island.
  • Return of DE form by parents/students to the respective school by 5 August, 2022
  • DE forms to be sent to CHHS Principal Richard Wildman [email protected].
  • DE forms to be sent to JGHS Deputy Principal Mark Seerattan [email protected]Copy the SSIO Mr. Nicholas Obie([email protected]) to ensure the applications are processed.
  • Submitted forms to be sent to CIFEC by the respective Principals or their Designates.

DE students approved to transition to the UCCI are still required to complete the UCCI online application as outlined in the steps below. 

University College of the Cayman Islands (UCCI) – UCCI Application:

Please note: All students who do not have the Acknowledgment of the Right to be Caymanian/Naturalisation/Caymanian Status will be priced at the Overseas/International rate.

Please follow the below instructions to start the Online Application process to be accepted into UCCI:

  1. Click the link and “Create An Account.”
  2. Register an account through the online application portal, then set up a password.
  3. Log in to begin an online application for Dual-Enrolment. Follow the built-in checklist that describes what documents are required to be uploaded.
  4. Once the online application is completed, submit it, and non-Caymanian students will be prompted to pay an application fee ($25.00) with your Application ID number. The UCCI Admissions Team will then review your online application.
  5. You shall receive an admissions confirmation issued through the online application portal. 

It is critical that you register early if you wish to get into your preferred classes.

Designated sessions of registration for all DE students will begin on Monday, 8 August and continue until Wednesday, 10 August, and begin again on Thursday, 18 August until classes start. Walk-in sessions will be held between 9:00-11:00 am and 2:00-4:00 pm except for Wednesdays. Students are assigned a specific day based on their last names (e.g., Steve Taylor will come on Fridays).

  • Walk-in Sessions
    • Mondays
    • Tuesdays
    • Thursdays
    • Fridays
  • Appointments Only
    • Wednesdays
A-FG-LBooked appointments onlyM-RS-Z

UCCI will require the signed DE Application Form as confirmation from the Department of Education Services to verify UCCI eligibility for an acceptance letter. All students who do not have the Acknowledgment of the Right to be Caymanian/Naturalisation/ Caymanian Status will be priced at the Overseas/International rate. This is one of the main requirements needed by UCCI and will be upheld for all incoming students.

All other students will be admitted to and remain in the Cayman Islands Further Education Centre (CIFEC) programme for the academic year 2022-23.

Year 11 Release of Exam Results and Consultation:

  • All Year 11 students will collect their summary predictions/results sheets and the CIFEC registration information forms, based on the surnames on 26 August in the CIFEC Hall (schedule to be distributed)
  • Completed CIFEC registration information form to be returned to the CIFEC office on the same day

The following exceptions to the above will be in-place for students who are admitted to CIFEC on 30 August but achieve better than expected results:

1.    If the results are confirmed on or before 5 September, students who achieve better than expected results which would qualify them for dual entry, will be afforded the opportunity to register at UCCI.

2.    If results are confirmed after 5 September, students will remain at CIFEC to complete the selected CIFEC programme of study.

Please note that students who were selected by the school for the Dual Entry Programme but performed below expectations will be allowed to continue in their programmes of study at the tertiary institutions, but will be required to re-sit the requisite Level 2 courses.


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