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Cayman: Summary for Parliament – Tuesday, 27 February 2024

The Second Sitting of the Third Meeting of the 2023-2024 Parliament Session continued on 27 February.  

Following the preliminaries, there was the presentation of papers and annual reports by the respective Ministers and Officials. The following Annual Reports were presented:

  • Report of the Standing Business Committee – Second Meeting of the 2023-2024 Session of the Cayman Islands Parliament   
  • The Health Insurance Commission Annual Report 2021 in Review – 1st January – 31st December 2021 – Issue No 15  

The parliamentary proceedings continued with questions to Hon. Ministers and Members of the Cabinet. The Leader of the Opposition and member of Parliament for George Town North asked the Deputy Governor how many vacancies there are within the RCIPS for officers in neighbourhood policing teams and for police community support officers. Minister Hon. Franz Manderson responded that there are presently 23 personnel, including community safety officers across the three islands. He went on to state that there are still 11 personnel needed.  

Later in the proceedings, the House went into Committee for the purpose of considering four bills –the Merchant Shipping Bill, 2023; Local Companies (Control) (Amendment) Bill, 2023; Companies (Amendment) Bill, 2024; Civil Proceedings (Closed Material Procedures) Bill, 2023. All four bills were sent up for third readings and unanimously passed.

Premier Hon. Julianna O’Connor-Connolly brought the final motion of the day, which was to change the membership of the Public Accounts Committee to include MP for West Bay  North Mr. Bernie Bush, following a vacancy. Leader of the Opposition & PAC Chair Hon. Roy McTaggart thanked the Premier for bringing the motion forward and expressed that the committee struggled to make quorum due to the vacancy. The motion was passed.

In the final agenda item of the day, MP for Bodden Town West Hon. Chris Saunders moved to withdraw the Consumer Protection and Guarantees Bill, 2023, on the premise that he would review the bill based on new information from the public. The motion was carried and the House adjourned.

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