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Cayman: Social Work Month to spotlight the profession’s primacy

CAYMAN ISLANDS (GIS) – The Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) will celebrate and highlight the importance of social workers for the community’s well-being during Social Work Month in March.

            “This year’s Social Work Month theme, “Social Workers are Essential,” reflects the vital function social workers have in preserving the emotional and physical resilience of the nation,” said DCFS Director Mrs. Paulinda Mendoza-Williams.

            “As professional social work practitioners, we are trained to support individuals, families, groups and at times of crisis the whole community. During lockdown, DCFS staff operated the Older Persons Helpline, which was an essential resource for the vulnerable. Additionally, social workers provided counselling and support to occupants of government quarantine facilities, along with managing new and existing cases that addressed family issues, child safeguarding, youth justice matters and seniors’ concerns,” she added.

            The global observance honours social work practitioners in government, schools, the health service, private practice and the justice sectors. Locally, Social Work Month will also educate the public about the crucial, community-sustaining work of the Department’s social work teams:

            ● Elderly Services Unit

            ● Community Development Services

            ● Youth Services

            ● Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH)

            ● Adoption, Foster Care & After Care

            ● Family Services

            As well as team-building events specifically for social workers, key public events during March will include a Q & A Mix and Mingle at UCCI for social work students and interested members of the public. Other community activities include work-life balance presentations, women’s empowerment workshops and a wellness hike.


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