May 28, 2020

Cayman: RCIPS AOU conducts 6 emergency medical evacuations in 2 weeks, hosts joint training with HSA


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Sergeant Neil Mohammed, Deputy Unit Executive Officer, led the training.

During the last two weeks of June, the RCIPS Air Operations Unit conducted a total of six medical evacuations to Grand Cayman from the Sister Islands using the new police helicopter. These included two on 17 June, and four during the following week of 24 to 30 June.

On Monday, 17 June, the helicopter transferred a heart patient from Cayman Brac to Cayman Health City. Later that same evening, a woman in premature labour was transported from Faith Hospital in Cayman Brac to Grand Cayman, and then to the Cayman Islands Hospital via ambulance, after it was determined that the child would be in need of critical care once born.

The following week medical evacuations were conducted on Monday, 24 June, Tuesday 25 June, Thursday, 27 June, and Saturday, 29 June. One of those evacuations was from Little Cayman, while the others were from Cayman Brac. Two of the evacuations occurred following diving related incidents, and another followed a motor-vehicle collision, while the fourth was of a critically ill patient who had lost consciousness.

All of the medical evacuations were completed safely, due to the efforts of the AOU crew members and the Emergency Medical Services staff working in tandem.

This week, as part of the ongoing relationship between the RCIPS and the Health Services Authority, EMS staff members, including EMTs, Advance EMTs and Paramedics, participated in a training and familiarization session hosted by Air Operations Unit. The training included a passenger briefing, and covered topics such as knowing when to approach the aircraft, safety when approaching the aircraft, and what to expect when transferring a patient to and from the aircraft.

“Conducting emergency medical evacuations is one of the primary roles that we use the police helicopter for, working closely with our partners in the ,” said Sergeant Neil Mohammed, AOU Deputy Unit Executive Officer, who led the training session. “These kind of trainings help to ensure that we are all on the same page, and can work together safely and efficiently whenever the need arises.”

During the training, there were also discussions about ways to continue to improve the process of conducting medical evacuations, from the perspective of both the helicopter crew and the EMS staff.  

The AOU will be hosting another training session next week, featuring another eight EMS staff members.

Speaking at the conclusion of the training session, paramedic Krystal Arch said: “This was a fantastic experience that will definitely further improve the emergency medical evacuation services we provide to the Cayman community.”

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