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Cayman: RCIPS Acknowledges the Public’s Co-Operation During Easter Period

he RCIPS recently conducted its yearly Easter operations across the island, which commenced on Thursday, 22 March through the Easter period, concluding on Monday, 5 April, with emphasis on increased police presence amongst the camp sites and along the roadways, and working in collaboration with the Cayman Islands Government Department of Communications to issue tips to the public on how to stay safe over the period.

RCIPS officers conducted regular visits to all campsites across the island, particularly during the Easter weekend. A command post was set up in North Side, near to the main camping areas, and was staffed with 24-hour coverage, which gathered positive feedback from members of the public who appreciated the consistent presence. Officers also visited a number of businesses and conducted patrols in residential areas.

The police helicopter was utilised to provide aerial mapping of campsites to better allow officers to plan patrols and response, as families began to make their way to the beaches for Easter week, and additional flights were carried out over the course of the weekend to provide up-to-date information along with coastal flights of all three islands and providing aerial support to the Coast Guard in their operations.

During this time there was one serious report of violent crime at a campsite, and several loud music reports. However, overall the activity at campsites was conducted safely by members of the public.

“We are once again thanking the public for being responsible over the course of the Easter weekend, helping to create a safe environment for everyone who engaged in camping activities and other Easter traditions,” says Chief Superintendent Brad Ebanks. “This marks another Easter where our officers have noted very few issues of concern, and this can only happen with the cooperation of the public.

“We also of course acknowledge our colleagues in various other government departments, including the Public Lands Commission, Department of Environment, Department of Environmental Health, National Roads Authority, who all played a part in ensuring an enjoyable, safe, and environmentally responsible Easter.

“Although our focus for the Easter was around working with our communities, incorporating a partnership approach; we are also cognizant that a strong traffic enforcement presence is necessary to deal with drivers who pose a risk to other road users. As a result, 153 speeding offenses were issued, 101 persons were prosecuted for driving with excessive tint, 208 for expired registration or unlicensed vehicles, 14 for using a mobile phone while driving, and 15 persons were arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. Officers responded to 139 motor-vehicle collisions during the period, with three of these unfortunately being major collisions. Even so, the RCIPS remained focused on areas that posed the most risk to the public,” Ch. Supt. Ebanks added.


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