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Cayman: PWD Trainees Install Flag Poles at Fire Stations

PWD trainees provided support to the Cayman Islands Fire Service by erecting flag poles at fire stations across Grand Cayman.

Grand Cayman – Several trainees enrolled in Public Works Department’s Apprenticeship Training Programme recently provided support to the Cayman Islands Fire Service to install flag poles at fire stations across Grand Cayman.

Three flag poles were installed at Frank Sound Fire Station and others at the George Town and West Bay Fire Stations. The trainees are also expected to erect a flag pole at the station in Cayman Brac.

The support involved excavation work using heavy equipment, mixing of concrete, casting of mold and the installation of the poles.

Training and Development Manager at the Public Works Department, Dr. Ande Francis stated that the trainees utilised the skills and competencies learned in the construction trades training programme to carry out the work. “This project provided the apprentices an opportunity to contribute in a tangible way to the wider community while in training. This project with the Fire Service is a prime example of how technical vocational education and training can contribute to national development”.

PWD trainees at work erecting a flag pole at George Town Fire Station.

Acting Director, PWD, Troy Whorms commended the trainees for their hard work noting that they continue to deliver on the areas that they have been learning over the course of the programme. He added, “I feel very confident that the Public Works Department’s construction trades training programme will continue to contribute to a highly skilled and trained Caymanian workforce”.

Deputy Chief Fire Officer, Aviation, Brevan Elliot said the Fire Service welcomed the assistance from the PWD trainees. “We look forward to future partnerships as this is an excellent way to expose young Caymanians to a range of organisations and industries in which they can serve. In addition, we get to contribute to their training and development as they position themselves to enter the workforce”, he said.

The Public Works Department currently offers a full-time apprenticeship programme which focuses on construction trades training and a partnership training arrangement with the Cayman Islands Further Education Centre. Apprentices can pursue Level 1 and 2 training in carpentry, masonry, plumbing, electrical installation, air condition and refrigeration as well as welding. Level 3 training is also available in building and construction management.

Persons interested in the programmes can contact the Public Works Department at 345-949-2547 or email [email protected].


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