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 Cayman: Public Lands Inspectorate Conducts Orientation and Training Sessions for Seven Mile Beach Vendors

The Public Lands Inspectorate (PLI), in collaboration with the Public Lands Commission (PLC), recently organized a series of comprehensive orientation and training sessions for vendors who have been granted permits to operate on Seven Mile Beach. These sessions were conducted on Friday, January 26, and Monday, January 29, 2024.

The purpose of these meetings was to familiarize vendors with the requirements, responsibilities, and expectations outlined in the Seven Mile Beach Vendor Policy, as well as to address any concerns raised by the vendors.

Jared McGill, Secretary of the Public Lands Commission, emphasized the significance of these sessions, stating, “It is essential to educate vendors about their role as ambassadors of the public beach and to ensure compliance with the requirements set forth in the vendor policy. By implementing a permit system with clear terms and conditions, we aim to bring vending under control and maintain the integrity of Seven Mile Beach as a cherished public asset.”

During the orientation and training sessions, various topics were covered, including the objectives of the Seven Mile Beach Vendor Policy, expected code of conduct and ethics, designated vending areas, provisional approval requirements, terms, conditions, and deadlines. The PLI underscored the importance of adhering to these guidelines to prevent unauthorized trading and maintain order on the beach.

Brandon Ebanks, Ronaldo Garcia and Edgar Powery from CRG Watersports attend the vendor training.

One vendor, Ronaldo Garcia of CRG Watersports, specializing in beach chairs and umbrellas, attended the meetings with his employees, shared thoughts on the initiative and expressed his appreciation for the opportunity overall, stating, “I am happy that the vendor situation has been regulated and that there is finally a structure in place. Some of the key things I learned from this experience is that thankfully, there will not be any illegal alcohol being sold and that we are all held to a certain standard by following specific guidelines. I believe this change is very good and will help to bring back the beach to its former glory of what it used to be many years ago. I am very thankful to the Government for this opportunity and we will ensure that we won’t let the people down.”

The PLI believes that these sessions were instrumental in enhancing vendor education and awareness, ultimately contributing to the effective management of Seven Mile Beach. Moving forward, the PLI remains committed to working closely with vendors to maintain the beach’s beauty and appeal for residents and tourists alike.
For more information on the Seven Mile Beach Vendor Policy and related initiatives, please visit the Public Lands Commission website at<>


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