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Cayman: Postal and mobile voting update

With first round of mobile voting in 2021 General Election complete, turnout for early voting has so far been encouraging, according to Supervisor of Elections, Wesley Howell. 

“We’re very pleased to see these voters taking advantage of the early voting options available to those voters who would have difficulty visiting the polls on General Election day. So far, the processes in place have been working exceptionally well. I sincerely thank the Elections team for their sustained efforts and dedication thus far,” said Mr. Howell.

Elections Office teams facilitated mobile voting throughout the electoral districts in Grand Cayman during the week of 22 – 26 March 2021. A total of 664 mobile voting applications have been approved and of those, 587 mobile voters voted. This number of votes represents 77% of the 765 voters who utilized mobile voting during the 2017 General Election, with just over a week left for voters to apply for mobile voting.

The second opportunity for electors to cast their mobile votes is scheduled to take place across all three islands on Thursday, 8 or Friday 9, April. Further details on this are available at

Postal ballots continue to be issued to overseas voters as applications are received. As of Friday, 26 March, a total of 268 postal ballots have been dispatched to voters from all Electoral districts except Cayman Brac West and Little Cayman, as no voters from that electoral district have requested postal ballots.

Voters who are currently overseas and those with plans to travel back to the Cayman Islands over the next few weeks are encouraged to apply for postal ballots.  

Mobile voting is scheduled for 10 and 11 April for those voters who will not be able to take advantage of postal voting and will not be able to vote at the polls on Election Day due to quarantine restrictions.

If a voter is off-island or otherwise unable to visit the polls on Election Day, there is still time to apply for postal or mobile voting respectively. The deadline for applications is Tuesday, 6 April. Find more information about who can apply and how to submit an application by going to, emailing[email protected] or by calling the Elections Office at 1 345 949 8047. 

Below is the latest data on mobile voting and postal ballots issued.

As of Friday, 26 MarchHome VisitsStatic Stations
Electoral DistrictTotal ApplicationsVotedNot VotedTotal ApplicationsVotedNot Voted
West Bay Central70655241212
West Bay North43412880
West Bay South25241330
West Bay West11110862
Bodden Town East2014630264
Bodden Town West75236297
George Town South13121551
George Town North660431
George Town East44010100
George Town Central2524110100
George Town West27234770
Red Bay00015132
North Side3027316151
East End4340321192
Postal IssuedAs of Friday, 26 MarchTotal
Bodden Town East14
Bodden Town West15
Cayman Brac East4
East End6
George Town Central10
George Town East16
George Town North27
George Town South20
George Town West16
North Side13
Red Bay17
West Bay Central12
West Bay North10
West Bay South20
West Bay West10


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