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Cayman Police Recover Illegal Firearm and Arrest Two Men in West Bay


Police arrested two men, ages 24 and 30, both of West Bay, on suspicion of possession of an unlicensed firearm, just after 8PM Sunday, 21 April.

Firearm officers were carrying out proactive patrols and made checks in a plaza located on West Bay Road, south of the Public Beach, when they came across a white Toyota Mark Two vehicle with two occupants who were behaving suspiciously.

After seeing the police, the suspicious vehicle sped off in the direction of the West Bay Road and Esterly Tibbetts Highway roundabout. Police used lights and siren to signal the vehicle to stop, however the vehicle failed to stop, continued driving in an unsafe manner and, on entering the Lime Tree Bay roundabout, collided with another vehicle and failed to stop at the scene of the collision.  No injuries were reported to the police as a result of the collision from any of the parties involved.

The vehicle continued back into onto West Bay Road in an attempt to evade the police. During this time the officers observed the occupants ejecting objects from the vehicle. The car then made its way towards the West Bay District.

The vehicle was caused to stop by the officers along Town Hall Road in West Bay and the two men were detained and searched. A single round of ammunition was located in the vehicle. Subsequently a search of the area where the men were seen throwing objects from the vehicle was also conducted which resulted in a handgun and a loaded magazine being recovered.

The men remain in police custody pending further investigations.


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