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Cayman: New pedestrian crosswalks and West Bay school zone

From The National Roads Authority (NRA)

In the interest of public safety, the National Roads Authority will be constructing several new crosswalks between George Town and West Bay and have developed one new school zone.

These crosswalks will be installed on North Sound Road near AL Thompson and the Humane Society, Goring Avenue near Citrus Grove and Owen Roberts Drive near the CIAA building. There are also two new crosswalks on Northwest Point Road within the newly constructed school zone.

The new school zone encompasses Wesleyan and Grace Christian Academy to accommodate traffic and ensure the safety of students by giving drivers more time to be mindful of their surroundings and halt if necessary. 

The community is reminded of the 15MPH speed limit within school zones. These zones begin at the “15 MPH When Flashing” sign and end at the “End School Zone” sign.

Motorists and pedestrians are asked to pay particular attention when traveling in these areas and are reminded to come to a complete stop when a pedestrian is approaching the crosswalk, and to wait until they have fully crossed to the other side of the street. 

Pedestrians are also reminded to stop, look and listen to oncoming traffic before attempting to use a crosswalk. 

“The NRA are always looking for ways to help improve the safety of Cayman’s roads and these crosswalks are one of the many aids we can use to help with the safe movements of pedestrians and school-age children when crossing the street at known high traffic locations” said Edward Howard, Managing Director of the NRA. All crosswalks are expected to be complete over the next few months.


About the National Roads Authority (NRA)

The National Roads Authority was created on 1st July 2004 by the National Roads Authority Law (2004). The NRA aims to enhance transport development in the Cayman Islands by building and maintaining a safe and efficient network of roads, in partnership with our Board of Directors, our Ministry, Cabinet, and the Private sector, having regard to national and economic growth strategies.

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