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Cayman: Needs Assessment Unit Launches New Systems to Transform Client Service Experience

George Town, Cayman Islands – 5 February, 2024 – The Ministry of Investment, Innovation and Social Development (MIISD) is pleased to announce the launch of two initiatives at the Needs Assessment Unit (NAU), that will have a meaningful, direct impact and lay the groundwork for commencement of the Financial Assistance Act (2022) later in the year.

State-Of-The-Art Client Service System

NAU has introduced advanced client service software to improve client experiences when calling the Unit. This new system equips the NAU team with tools to efficiently manage communication, making it easier for clients to connect. Additionally, it provides new communication channels for clients to interact with the staff. 

Clients will now be able to:

  • Phone and Email: The new software will make connecting with agents faster and improve email response times, enhancing the overall client experience.
  • Online Chat with and Agent: Clients can now chat with a representative during NAU’s opening hours through a new website feature. The agent can provide real-time assistance via the messaging system.
  • Frequently Asked Questions: Clients can inquire about common issues through an online chatbot available 24/7 on the NAU website.
  • Support Tickets: Clients can open a ticket at any time of the day to address questions or concerns. The ticket will be logged and attended to, with a response provided within two working days.

Dedicated Fraud Reporting Hotline

In order to promote additional transparency and accountability, NAU has simultaneously launched a dedicated Fraud Reporting Hotline, a crucial initiative empowering residents and employees to play an active role in maintaining the integrity of the financial assistance system.

The Fraud Hotline, reachable at 1-800- 534-0024, offers several key features:

  • Anonymous Reporting: Callers can report suspected fraud anonymously, fostering an environment where individuals feel comfortable coming forward without fear of retaliation.
  • Dedicated Phone Line: The Fraud Hotline provides concerned citizens and residents with a platform to leave detailed messages, offering essential information for further investigation.
  • Efficient Response: NAU now has a full complement of Compliance Officers who will review messages promptly and initiate investigations into potential instances of fraud where necessary.

Affirming the government’s dedication to enhancing the efficiency of financial assistance programs, Deputy Premier and Minister for Social Development, the Hon. André Ebanks stated: “Launching these new initiatives simultaneously is a deliberate and strategic approach aimed to enhance operational efficiency and elevate overall client and applicant  satisfaction, whilst continuing to lay a solid foundation for a seamless transition of NAU to the Department of Financial Assistance later this year. Our goal is to align the transformation of our financial assistance programmes efficiently with the needs and expectations of the community, while upholding higher standards of support together with prevention of potential misuse of public funds.”

Chief Officer, Tamara Ebanks shared her perspective on the innovative client service software, stating, “The introduction of cutting-edge customer service software by NAU demonstrates their dedication to providing an efficient and user-friendly experience for their clients and the community. This initiative aligns with our broader goals of enhancing public services and fostering meaningful interactions between the Unit, clients, and community members.”

NAU Director, Tamara Hurlston, underscored the significance of enhancing client experiences and emphasised the pivotal role of community engagement with the hotline; ” I am proud of my team’s dedication to improving the service we provide our clients as well as their commitment to upholding the integrity of financial assistance. We encourage the community to provide feedback on these new initiatives and to report instances where others may be taking advantage of the system, ensuring resources are directed towards those who genuinely need support.”


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