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Cayman: National Trust announces New Executive Director Frank Roulstone

Frank Roulstone

20 September 2022 – The National Trust for the Cayman Islands (NTCI) welcomes its new Executive Director, Frank Roulstone, who will take over from outgoing Executive Director, Annick Jackman.

Mr. Roulstone previously served as General Manager of the NTCI, joining just a few days before the arrival of Hurricane Ivan in September 2004, basically starting from scratch with no offices and only a receptionist employee. At the end of his 4-1/2 years tenure, the National Trust was financially stable with a functioning staff of 7, modern office, several new historic sites and hundreds of acres of newly protected environmental properties under the organization’s name. He also has extensive experience in the food, wine and spirits industry. Frank is a lifetime member of the Cayman Islands Orchid Society and is a member of the Bloody Bay Pirates group. He has two adult children, Hayley and Hunter.

“I appreciate the opportunity to once again serve the National Trust for the Cayman Islands in the capacity of Executive Director. My involvement in the Trust goes back many years and includes being an elected Trust Council member, volunteer, supporter, member, and employee. After a career in business management spanning over 30 years, I am ready to take on the unique challenges awaiting.

“The mission of the Trust is certainly as important now as when it was created back in 1987 under the National Trust Law. In my capacity as Executive Director, I look forward to, and will welcome, the cooperation and assistance of all stakeholders, especially the 71,000+ persons resident in these islands, in order to continue the 35-year-old mission of protecting our heritage for the benefit of present & future generations of the Cayman Islands,” says incoming NTCI Executive Director, Frank Roulstone.

National Trust for the Cayman Islands’ Vice Chairman, Gregory McTaggart, expressed that, “The Trust would like to welcome Mr. Frank Roulstone as the new Executive Director. Frank has spent a lifetime preserving and advocating for the protection of the flora, fauna, natural environment, and built and cultural heritage of the Cayman Islands. A born Caymanian, Frank literally helped write the definitive tome on the plants of the country, The Flora Of The Cayman Islands and discovered a unique, highly endangered plant that now bears his name, Scolosanthus Roulstonii. Frank has decades of supervisory, high-level management and administrative experience in his professional career and had served as the General Manager of the National Trust in the mid 2000’s, leading the rebuilding of the Trust following Hurricane Ivan.

“Frank takes over from Ms. Annick Jackman, who guided the Trust through one of the most trying times in our lifetimes, COVID-19. She accomplished much during extraordinarily difficult times and we will certainly miss Annick and her calm professionalism. We wish her well in her future endeavours as we welcome Frank as he now takes the reins from her steady hands.”

Outgoing NTCI Executive Director, Annick Jackman shares, “It has been an intense and fulfilling experience in the role of Executive Director for the NTCI. It was a pleasure to serve our islands through new initiatives to engage young people and the community so they love and respect our heritage and environment. It was also good to establish new partnerships and drive policy which we hope will benefit our islands in the long term. The staff and volunteers have been simply amazing to work with, given the challenges we faced during the pandemic. The National Trust is in an exciting place to review and update the 5-year strategic plan that guides the organization and I am excited that Frank will be leading the team. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience about the National Trust and this position. His passion and commitment for our mandate will help drive the organization forward.”

Ms. Annick Jackman has been NTCI Executive Director since October 2020 and is leaving the organization on 22 September 2022 to pursue new adventures. This allows for a transition period for Mr. Roulstone.

NTCI Council and staff welcome new Executive Director, Mr. Frank Roulstone, and look forward to the leadership and vision he brings to the National Trust.


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