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Cayman: National Security Council Meeting Prefaced Successful Holiday Operation

Grand Cayman, 20 January 2022 –  The National Security Council met for its final meeting of 2022 on Tuesday 1 November. The meeting covered a number of timely concerns including each of the following:

 *   Commissioner of Police Mr. Derek Byrne briefed the Council on the current status of criminal and drug related activities, traffic incidents, burglaries and serious violence.
 *   The Director of Customs and Border Control Mr. Charles Clifford spoke to a recent drug interception at Owen Roberts International Airport
 *   Chief Officer for the Ministry of Border Control and Labour Mr. Wesley Howell provided a detailed update on irregular Cuban migration and shared plans for security improvement and processing asylum applications and appeals.
 *    Acting Director of WORC Mr Jeremy Scott shared concerns about criminal activities including marriages of convenience, illegal workers and high-risk foreign nationals. He also outlined the agency’s plan to address these concern
 *   Collectively, the Council recommended the approval of prescribed outcomes in the Panel Report of the Police Service Commission.

Read the full Post Meeting Summary here:


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