October 28, 2020

Cayman National Museum


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George Town & Seven Mile Beach · interesting places nearby


The museum collection includes a variety of exhibits on the islands’ cultural and natural history and an engaging audiovisual presentation. It’s housed in George Town’s oldest building, which dates from the 1830s. Divers will enjoy the model showing how reefs and walls are formed.

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Museum 2From Cayman Islands National Museum


The Cayman Islands National Museum celebrates the unique natural and cultural heritage of our three Islands. Through our dynamic programmes, exhibits, and collections, we nurture a living connection with the nation’s past and its future quality of life.

The Museum building not only houses our national treasures today, but is the oldest public building in the Cayman Islands. Used as a jail, courthouse, dancehall, and postal office, among other functions, the Museum building is an important piece of our history, in and of itself.

Museum 4Constructed using the traditional method of wattle and daub architecture, the Museum building dates back to the 1800s, and remains even till now, a focal point of George Town’s harbour alongside other historical sites that include Elmslie Memorial Church, Fort George, and the George Town Public Library.

Our historic building continues its public service today as the Cayman Islands National Museum, with an aim to preserve and promote Caymanian history and culture.

Changing Exhibitions

Unlike all the other galleries, which are permanent, the purpose of the Changing Gallery is to display temporary exhibits that will rotate periodically on an annual schedule reflecting objects of topical interest. Components of each Changing Gallery exhibit are to be reflected concurrently in the nearby Children Gallery. This will enable the younger age group to be exposed to and enjoy the Changing Gallery’s various subjects through hands-on exploration and play. The Changing Gallery’s regular renewal injects previously missing novelty of Museum 3experience for return visitors, and thus serves as a key magnet for the entire Museum.

The Changing Gallery will regularly feature exhibitions of topical interest.

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